Prostitution: Do prostitutes perform a valid social function?

  • Legalize and regulate

    Prostitution has been around for all of humanities existence. Clearly making it illegal isn't stopping anybody. Why not legalize it so it can be regulated? The government could tax prostitution, create mandatory condom laws, and mandate all prostitutes work only in designated brothels. This would be the safest route for everyone and it would stop STD's from spreading

  • Prostiturion is natural social function

    The assumption that it is just women is false. The argument from danger would imply that we need to give up construction jobs, sports, and thx military.

    The sane approach is legalization wish clear verification of health of both worker and buyer

    As a natural part of human societies we should bow to nature and recognize that prostitution can not and will ever go away. So let's manage it like adults

  • Prostitution is a necessary profession in our society

    I do not agree with forced prostitution or soliciting in the streets. However if a lady or man has set up a business and operate independently or within a legal brothel within health guidelines, they are serving a need within the community.
    There are many women and men in sexless marriages and this is a safe way for the relief of sexual tensions. There are handicapped people who don't have a way of relieving their sexual needs. There are widows and widowers who no longer have a partner. There are lonely people who want the touch of the opposite sex.
    I have been to a number of prostitutes and I have never felt unsafe. They have have been kind to me because I have been kind to them.
    To be honest I believe that all the NOs here were written by the same person.

  • It's the oldest profession in the world for a reason

    Sex could be what life is all about. If life is about procreation, than it is easy to understand why sex is one of the foremost things on our minds. Prostitutes give people that can't find the right person, or a sexless marriage a release from the thing that is most hard coded into our brains.

  • Yes, prostitutes perform a valid social function.

    Yes, prostitutes perform a valid social function. As one can easily observe simply by flipping through any supermarket tabloid, sex is very prominent in American culture. As a country, we love sex. And with that appreciation of sexuality comes a desire for one to purchase it like a commodity. Not only do prostitutes fulfill service to paying customers, they can also use their skills and experience in the field of sexual therapy and are also able to educate the public on how to have the safest sex possible. Just because something is illegal doesn't necessarily mean it is immoral as well.

  • Prostitutes do not perform a valid social function.

    No one should be forced to perform prostitution. It is not valid social function because it is demeaning to women and dangerous. Efforts to legalize prostitution are sexist and they should not be accepted. It's important to protect the rights of women because all of us have mothers and other female relatives.

  • No, they hurt our morals.

    No, prostitutes do not perform a valid social function, because meaningless sex is not a valid social function. Sex outside the context of committed marriage degrades our communities. Although prostitutes deserve our sympathy and help, and we should not judge them, it cannot be said that they are performing a valid social function.

  • Prostitutes Make Society Worse

    Prostitutes don't perform any type of valid social function, and they're detrimental to society in many ways. Such activities are illegal in most jurisdictions, and women are often made victims in prostitution. Men rule the prostitution world by taking advantage of women, and such activities need to remain illegal today.

  • Prostitutes do not perform a valid social function.

    Prostitutes do not perform a valid social function. Prostitution is not right and I do not think that they should try to legalize this. However, if they did legalize prostitution it would provide protection to the women that are out on the streets and they are always putting their life in danger.

  • Prostitution is demeaning

    Absolutely not, do I feel prostitution is a valid social function. I honestly think that prostitution is completely deamning to women and should never be chosen as a last resort form of income for them. There should never be a loss for hope for anyone, including women, to need to resort to it.

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