• Prostitution must ban before it destroys many lives psychologically.

    Not fully ban but to put them in the right place. Most virgin or married men know what the prostitute is, even they never saw them. They are free to go in the town of the prostitutes if they want more sexual pleasure because of knowledge of what the prostitute is instead of just passing and saw them or advertised their appearance outside the town.
    There must be a town for them. Advertising or seducing outside their town should be fully ban. Prostitution will never stop but they should stop seducing or influencing other people. They just doing it for money and pleasure, not to inspire others.

  • It should be

    Prostitution leads to STDs, psychologically disturbed men who can't satisfy their wives, broken marriages and sexually abused girls (prostitutes). It SHOULD be banned. And yes, no matter what we do, it will keep going on. However, imagine stealing money from a bank without getting any punishment, a lot of people will go for it. On the other hand, if you know that you will go to prison for it, you will think twice.

  • It Works For The Most Part

    Prostitution is banned, for the most part, in the United States. There are very few areas where it is legal and for the most part, I believe it works and is feasible. I personally, do not think it is necessary to ban prostitution. People will continue to do it, if it is a profitable revenue stream and since there is demand, there will always be profit.

  • Banning prostitution is not feasible.

    Banning prostitution is not feasible. Prostitution has been around for centuries and will continue no matter what rules or laws we place upon it. If we ban prostitution there are still women and men out there that will continue to do it, it just depends on the punishment that they issue on being caught in the act.

  • World's oldest profession

    Banning prostitution is an unrealistic goal. It has existed for ages, and right now the best thing to do would be to decriminalize it and make prostitutes protected and empowered. Many prostitutes join the business because they are destitute or become addicted to drugs, and they need to be helped instead of marginalized. Others - a minority, unfortunately - actually do this work because they enjoy it and probably make more money and, let's be honest, have more fun than in a dead-end office. These are the people who need to be the majority in legally protected prostitution, for the betterment of society.

  • Bans will never work.

    I hate to break it to you moral arbiters of society, but no law banning anything has ever been successful in the history of mankind. As long as there's someone willing to buy a product, like sex, there will almost always be someone willing to sell it to them. Legalize prostitution to make it safer, instead.

  • Banning prostitution is not feasible

    Banning prostitution is not feasible and a ban would take resources away from other law enforcement needs. Prostitution needs to be regulated and the women need to be protected. There should be programs in place for women to help them process out of being a prostitute and there should be more legal protections in place for prostitutes.

  • Too easy to get into.

    It it is too easy a crime to get into to ever hope to successfully ban prostitution. Sex is the easiest service in the world to sell. 50% of the population possesses the product, and 50% of the population provides the need. At some point every woman will be faced with the realization that they have the power to utilize their body to make money. Many young women when they first start dating, will very often use sex as a means to extract benefits from their young dumb lovers. While it may not be money at this stage, it is only a short hop to make the transition. A majority of prostitutes unwilling participants, and that is unfortunate, but a fairly large percentage are aware--and always will be aware--of exactly what they are doing.

  • Banning is Not Feasible

    Banning prostitution is not feasible because there are so many issues that come with the ban. You will need to prove that is what truly is going on and in order to do this you are spending thousands of dollars on under cover work and more. It is simply not needed.

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