Prostitution: Is prostitution morally acceptable?

  • Prostitution is not ideal but it is not morally wrong if practiced correctly.

    The clue as to why we are inclined to view prostitution as 'wrong' lies in some of the words that are being used in this debate. 'Dirty', 'shameful' and 'disgusting' reflect the stigma that society attaches to prostitution. Where does this stigma come from? There may be several possible origins of this stigma:
    1. It is possible that this stigma evolved in order to prevent sexual diseases and to promote monogamous relationships between men and women, in order to hold the family unit together.
    2. Another possible reason is that men, who have historically had power over women, have created this stigma for the fear that their women may be taken by wealthier or more powerful men. Hence the misogynistic terms ‘slut’ and demonizing term ‘haram’ in Islamic culture. Indeed, Abrahamic religions especially, view sexual desire and lust as a sin and something to be guarded against. This fear may in turn be rooted in man’s fear of infidelity and heartbreak coupled with a desire to be the sole ‘owners’ of their women.
    3. Prostitution would have historically been associated with slavery which has been practiced since the Middle-Ages. Prostitutes have therefore inherited a low status in society.
    4. A reason that may be more pertinent to contemporary views is that prostitution challenges the notion of ideal romantic love, which has become popularised in the west from the 18th century onwards. The ideal that you ‘fall in love’ with one special partner who should be both your soul mate and sole sexual partner faces a threat because prostitution devalues the role of sex in this ideal of ‘love’. So this ideal must be guarded by demonizing prostitution as dirty and evil.
    With regards to the last point, I do myself happen to partake in the vision of an ideal romantic love. Fidelity is important, and ideally, sex should happen only between consenting adults, not as a contractual agreement but as a form of bonding. However, we must be pragmatic and accept that in the absence of the opportunity to find such ways of having sex, prostitution, if practiced safely amongst unmarried, sound minded consenting adults does fulfil a need in society and should not be shamed and stigmatized. If anything, we should make the practice safer and promote gender equality (why are there not as many male prostitutes as female prostitutes?). So at its worst, safe consensual sex with a prostitute is short-term gratification and a cheap simulation of non-contractual sexual bonding which fulfils both the needs of lonely punters and the materialistic needs of sex-workers, but this does not mean it should be condemned as immoral.

  • More abuse happens to women because prostitution is illegal

    In a perfect world, people would only make love to those they were in love with. But we don't. Men have a higher sex drive than women and they cannot always find a lover who will meet those needs. Because prostitution is illegal, a great deal of abuse happens because women are afraid to come forward. But if it is legalized, then they can have rights, can do away with pimps and their income can be taxed. Frankly, I've met men who do not have the mentality to be in a relationship where they can have willing partners without money changing hands... And I've met women who don't have the temperament to earn a living any other way. It's not just prostitution because we've all seen these homeless guys who support themselves through panhandling and collecting recyclables who want to be there because they cannot handle working for someone else and being told what to do. These women (and men) are being paid for services rendered like the rest of us. If you personally could not do this kind of work because it would be too soul destroying for you, that doesn't mean other's cannot. Many people flat out would not work in a slaughterhouse where they would kill and butcher animals, but that doesn't stop them from eating meat.

  • Prostitution morally acceptable

    I personally do not see the problem of legalizing prostitution in this country. A problem with this question is that it asks if it is moral. Morals as vastly different per region, country, culture, and person. For some it is immoral to drink alcohol or engage in premarital sex. I think it's fine.

  • Everyone can choose what to do with their own body

    Because you own yourself and your body, you have the right to do whatever you want with it as long as it does not harm anyone and both parties agree, so yes, prostitution is morally acceptable.
    If you say it is not you take away that basic right of self-ownership and just force your unjustified opinion onto others. There is no logical argument against prostitution that I am aware of.

  • Not morally acceptable

    In this culture today, people feel (wrongly, of course) that they can achieve the relationship that one has when in a marriage without getting married. The biggest thing in that relationship that would make it seem like a commitment is sex. It is both immoral and illegal for a man to marry many women at a time, so why should it be moral for someone to sell sex to many partners at a time?

  • Prostitution is not morally acceptable.

    Prostitution is not morally acceptable. That is why most prostitutes hang out in dark street corners and at night because it is usually illegal and not acceptable. We could legalize prostitution that would make it safer for the men and women that put themselves in danger doing it and trying to make it in the world.

  • No not morally

    I think that prostitution should be legal. It will happen no matter what, whether it is legal or not. I think that because prostitution is so widespread and seemingly common, that it has also become acceptable. Even though I think it has become somewhat acceptable, it does not make it morally acceptable. It should not be morally acceptable to sell your body for sex or for you to buy sex. Sex should be a sacred thing between 2 people who care about each other.

  • No, prostitution is not morally acceptable.

    Prostitution is not morally acceptable. People think that prostitution is a sexual transaction between two consenting adults. If that was the case I don't think their would be a real problem. The truth to prostitution is that most prostitutes have been raped, robbed, and beaten by their johns. They also have to pay for a pimp for protection.

  • It's Not The Norm

    Being a woman, I would not and have no desire to sell my body for money. With that being said, it's not morally acceptable to me personally. However, my morals are not always in line with everyone others, so I am sure there are women who have no problem selling their body for money and they do it without having moral issues at all. If it works for them, I have no reason to judge them on that decision.

  • Not acceptable at all.

    Prostitution is not morally acceptable. The Bible tells us that premarital sex is not alright. If you add multiple partners, it is less acceptable to the average person. When you add exchanging money for sex, it is even worse. Even people who have no religious beliefs whatsoever take issue with prostitution.

  • Sex belongs ONLY within a monogamous heterosexual marriage

    As the headline implies, I think prostitution is immoral because sex belongs only within a marriage. All other cases lead to uproar, such broken hearts, unwanted pregnancies, and many, many STDs. Prostitution also treats women like a tool just used for sex whenever you feel like it. Remember kids, just ask yourself, what would Jesus do?

  • If I'm being technical...

    Technically prostitution is immoral if you believe in the traditional ideas of marriage and monogamy. While we all have the right to choose what to do with our body, morally we are not supposed to have sex unless married, and then only to our spouse. Obviously not everyone believes this but it can be considered immoral to have multiple sex partners especially for money.

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