Prostitution: Will legalization help reduce problems associated with sex tourism?

  • Yes, it would

    Regulate it, tax it. There's no need to make it criminal. Is it respectable? No. Do I utilize it? No. That doesn't mean I'm against it, it doesn't hurt people when the transaction goes through as it is intended. Just because it's nobody's proudest moment doesn't mean they should be barred from it.

  • Yes it will.

    Legalizing prostitution will ensure that the prostitutes and kept safe, or safer. This is one of the biggest problems related to sex tourism. If someone is visiting a place, they may feel that they can get away with hurting a prostitute because they know they can get out of town right away. If a prostitute is in a brothel that is legal this is less likely to happen.

  • Legalize and regulate prostitution

    Prohibiting and fighting prostitution has never been proven to work. The only way to combat the many negative effects of street prostitution is to in fact legalize and then heavily regulate it. This has been proven by the state of Nevada, and nations such as the Netherlands and Germany. It's time we face this fact.

  • Legalization will not help reduce problems associated with sex tourism.

    Legalization will not help reduce problems associated with sex tourism. The only thing that legalization of prostitution would do would protect the people from some of the dangers of doing it illegally. Prostitution would still be dangerous but some of the risk of danger would be eliminated. I do not think legalizing this would be any good but people will continue to do it regardless.

  • It won't be as popular, but it will still be around.

    Legalization of prostitution will help to eradicate much of the sexual trafficking and sexual slavery criminal syndicates. Of course, with this legalization comes regulation and there are just some acts of prostitution and some fetishes that the law cannot and should not abide. For this fact, and the fact that there are a lot of sick individuals out there, sex tourism will still be a thing -- just not as popular.

  • Problems Will Increase

    If the sex trade is legalized, an entirely new set of problems is created. Despite extra tax revenue by taxing income from the sex trade, it's not worth it. Health care costs increase due to the spread of STDs. A new black market will open up when underage girls start making money for sexual favors. Marriages will fail because women will find out their husbands are seeing prostitutes.

  • It might bring the sex tourism here.

    Legalization of prostitution will not reduce problems associated with sex tourism. People may travel to other nations less often if sex was their primary goal, however, more people would travel to this country for the purpose of sex tourism. We should legalize and tax it. It would bring morey legal money into this country. That is not a bad thing.

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