Prostitution: Would legal prostitution experience less violence?

  • Free To Call For Help

    Overall I would say entering the field of prostitution can be a dangerous decision, regardless of it being legal or illegal. The most important improvement with it's legalization is that the escorts (or people for hire) have the potential to call for help, if need be. This could reduce violence if the customer realizes their actions have consequences.

  • Would help stop sexual violence

    People like rapists and pedophiles would no longer have to result to assault and hurting young children. If pedophiles were to see young children and get aroused they could hire a prostitute to get what they wanted. There would be no such thing as rapists anymore because instead of assaulting some random girl on the street they can hire another random girl off the street for consensual sex.

  • Legal prostitution would experience less violence

    If prostitution was legal, there would be less violence. Because it is illegal, prostitutes are discouraged from reporting violence against them because they might get into trouble. Also, those purchasing the prostitute's services would be less likely to have violence committed against them by the prostitute's "pimp." That violence goes unreported because those buying the services aren't likely to report it because it is illegal. Making it legal would resolve a lot of violence problems.

  • Pimps could be reported for abuse, as well as clients without fear of being prosecuted.

    Often, violence during the act of prostitution occurs because a prostitute's pimp abuses her and gets her hooked on drugs. The clients can be as abusive as they want because they know that the female they are having sex with will not report them because if they did, they would be incriminating themselves. If prostitutes could report abusive clients and bosses, there would be less violence.

  • We need to accept this lifestyle

    These women need not be shamed or abused. Stop the violence. Let them be treated for STDs, pay taxes, protected by law. Not all escorts are drug users or bad people. We need to protect everone from being harmed....Transgender, gay, and marijuana users now have a voice....It's time to accept prostitution

  • I think so.

    I believe that legal prostitution would experience less violence under the condition that it was regulated by the government. I believe that a new system might be in order, one in which there are no pimps to take money from girls and "protect" them. The government could effectively be the pimp and collect taxes, but keep them safe from harm and not be abusive to the girls like many pimps are.

  • Yes it would.

    Legal prostitution would experience a lot less violence. One of the most dangerous things for a prostitute is having to walk the street. Then she (or he) gets taken back to a strange room, and many things can happen there, or in a car, or where ever. Legal prostitution would allow for brothels, which are much safer.

  • Legalizing prostitution would lessen violence.

    I think that legalizing prostitution would open the gates for a healthier industry in the sex trade. I think that legalizing prostitution would lead to controlled brothels, sexual tests, and less sexual violence involved. These women in the sex trade don't have people to turn to and often suffer silently.

  • Legal prostitution would experience less violence

    Legalized prostitution would experience less violence. This is because of the fact that legal and regulated prostitution would experience much less people acting outside of the law to get what they want. People willing to act outside of the law are much more likely to commit violent crimes on prostittutes.

  • Legalizing prostitution does nothing except legalizing prostitution.

    All legalizing prostitution does is make it alright for someone to exchange sex for money. How is that different that dating? Or marriage for that matter? Prostitution has nothing to do with violence. Some people are violent and some people are not. Some people disrespect prostitutes. Legalizing prostitution will not change any of that.

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