Prostitution: Would legalization prostitution be economically beneficial?

  • Absolutely. Vices bring big money.

    Prostitution, drugs, and illegal gambling generate enormous sums of money that go untaxed and unaccounted for. It would be economically beneficial to legalize prostitution and tax the now-legal income generated from it. Additionally, turning the business legal allows for regulation, disease testing, and proper medical care. This will save money because prostitutes will be less likely to hide medical issues until they become severe and expensive to treat under a nationalized system.

  • Sex is goodie

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  • Prostitution should be legal in America

    Prostitution should be legalized because the government is using to much tax money to try to stop a problem that is not being solved. This tax money can be saved or can be used to create jobs which will help the economy, provide better school equipment which could help young students have a greater chance of getting a job and maybe one day change the future for young people in America. People should be able to have sex with anyone they choose as long as they're doing it safely and wisely.

  • Just look at Greece

    Greece was going through a terrible economic crisis until they decriminalized or made prostitution and escorting legal. Now, they can pay back their debts to other countries and no longer have to worry about money. Another good thing is that the escorts or prostitutes are also making more money from it than most jobs.

  • It makes sense

    The legalization of sex work would highly benefit our economy because there are very few of these industries, therefore the demand is high and the amount paid is high. We would be able to tax these business' which would in turn benefit the economy. It would take away crime rate therefore money invested because the sex workers would not feel incriminated if they sought help against a pimp or client.

  • Yes it would.

    The legalization of prostitution would be very economically beneficial. As of right now, the debt that the United States of America has is crazy high, and we need to do everything that we can to lower that debt. Legalizing prostitution would do so, which in turn will help out the economy.

  • World's oldest profession

    Legalized prostitution would be more beneficial to the economy at large because prostitution, as the "world's oldest profession", is not going anywhere. Instead, it can be safely regulated and taxed like any other business, and the stigma will be reduced - perhaps not to the johns, but to the prostitutes who are no longer doing the job out of financial desperation, but because maybe, just maybe, they really enjoy their work. Everybody wins.

  • Legalization of prostitution would be economically beneficial

    By allowing the legalization of prostitution it would allow less money to be wasted in the courts and on law enforcement. The creation and subsequent regulation of legitimate prostitution based businesses would create employment for many people and also bring in tax dollars from the income they are bringing in. Prostitutes would have an easier time doing their jobs and would make more money they would be able to spend in their areas creating another boost to the local economy.

  • Sex Sells Well

    In an economic sense, legal prostitution would probably be economically beneficial. For one, resources used to crack down on black market prostitution could be utilized for other purposes. Legal prostitution would also be another taxable service that local governments could tax to generate additional revenue. Finally, this would open up additional jobs for others.

  • Crime and the Financial Burden

    Many of the cities and counties that passed legislation to legalize prostitution have not seen any significant increase in tax revenue. In fact, most of the tax money that was collected from brothels were actually spent on enforcement. A number of brothels were shut down or fined for tax evasion and let us not forget about the surge in human trafficking and organized crime that results in extra government expenditure and is a direct result of legalization. Where there is a demand there will no doubt be a need for a product and a savy businessman will always undercut the competition by lowering prices.

  • Inevitable sex trafficking rise

    Even if we are talking pure economics, every country that has legalized it so far has had a large increase in sex trafficking and ILLEGAL prostitution. The fact is, it is easier for any sort of sexual exploitation to occur in an economy where even stringent well regulated prostitution is legalized. Legalization does not equate to successful regulation.

  • Spend Money on Charities, Not Prostitutes

    Legalizing prostitution doesn't economically benefit anyone. Instead of spending money on food, clothing, or expenses, suddenly men may find it a good idea to spend money on having sex. Plus, prostitution is demeaning to women. Any entire subculture and underground black market will be created that doesn't protect young women in the least bit. Legalized prostitution is a bad idea all the way around.

  • Legalization prostitution would not be economically beneficial.

    Legalization prostitution would not be economically beneficial. Prostitution will always be illegal and will never be ended successfully. However, the legalization of prostitution would not be beneficial to the economy. Even if prostitution was allowed there would still be the risks of something bad happening to both parties involved in the deals.

  • Just because something is economically beneficial, it doesn't this gives us the right to legalise it.

    For example, if slavery profits us economically, who's to say then, that we should allow it because it has economically profitable benefits into us? This is because the reason why we want to legalise prostitution is because we want to satisfy our own bellies. Which we crave such blatant pleasures that we will never fill us up. It is also too, an example, of how we had sunken so low that we allow such forms of immorality to root deep in our society. It too does downplay the view and status of a woman and if this institution is legalised, it is going to affect and influence the next generation of their views on women and sex. Nobody takes sex seriously, which is a sign of how we sunken so low that we let ourselves to become the Canaanites of the 21st century. I would rather let my country to drown in poverty than ought to think of legislating such a form of institution that downplays and decreases the solemn view of sex, women and sexuality.

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