Prostitution: Would the legalization of prostitution decrease instances of rape?

  • It would decrease some rape

    Rape is often about power. However some people can fulfill this with consensual BDSM and having access to a prostitute instead of having to look around for someone who will play for free would help. And then sometimes rape is because someone is desperate for sex and also has no moral objection to rape.

    It wouldn't eliminate rape however.

  • Ever Heard of Human Trafficking?

    In human trafficking, people are often forced to work as prostitutes. Human trafficking happens all around the world and is very much a thriving business today. Many prostitutes who aren't victims of trafficking get raped as well. Making prostitution legal would just add an easier outlet for abusers to force others to have sex in.

  • Rape would not decrease

    Legalizing prostitution would have no impact on the rise or decline of rape incidents. Rape is not about sex. Rape is an act of violence. Rape is sometimes because of a person's addiction to overpowering others. Rape is, at other times, because of anger directed at a specific person. Regardless, rape has nothing to do with the act of sex itself.

  • This makes no sense

    If you were to legalize prostitution, that doesn't legalize rape. Men and women will still be raped, that might never change unfortunately. If prostitution were to be legal, maybe the girls would be safer but I personally don't think it will decrease instances of rape. They are completely different subjects.

  • No, there will always be criminals.

    No, the legalization of prostitution would not decrease instances of rape, because there will always be people who cannot conform their conduct to the requirements of the law. Rape is a terrible act, but it is not always perpetrated by someone who simply wants to have sex. Often, rape is more about control than anything else. That is why legalizing prostitution would not fix it.

  • No it would likely increase rap

    Legalizing prostitution is going to increase the rape cases. This is because men will think they have more power now over woman and if they pay for sex can get sex whenever they want. Basically it is going to turn every eligible girl into a supposed prostitute in the eyes of men.

  • Legal Prostitution Wouldn't Decrease Rape Frequency

    Unfortunately, legalizing prostitution won't decrease instances of rape in the United States. There's no evidence to suggest that such an action would create such a result. Criminals commit rape against victims because they like causing trauma to others and satisfying their own needs. Therefore, prostitution's legality won't actually affect rape instances.

  • Prostitution/Rape has nothing in common.

    I don't think that the legalization of prostitution can lead to a decrease in rape. It might, but I don't think they are two things in common. It is possible but not likely. The legalization of prostitution would lead to healthier sex workers and more money for tax purposes, if anything.

  • There are still sickos out there.

    The unfortunate truth is, whether or not prostitution becomes legalized nation wide or not, there will still be those groups of sickos out there who truly get their pleasure from rape. That's an issue that will never change, regardless if prostitution becomes legal or not, which is a very sad thing.

  • No, legalized prostitution would not lower rape incidents.

    Legalizing prostitution would likely not change the rate of rape. Rape is sometimes about having control or power over someone, rather than satisfying a sexual urge. Because of this, significant others and spouses sometimes commit rape. The cause of why each of these behaviors occurs is different from the other, and we can't know for sure why each event takes place, so it's doubtful that rape incidents would be lowered by legalizing prostitution.

  • The legalization of prostitution would not descrease instances of rape.

    To assume that the legalization of prostitution would decrease instances of rape is to put forth the rationale that all men who rape do so because they cannot legally hire a prostitute. The problem with this logic is that both rape and prostitution are crimes. So, technically, a man makes an equal illegal decision between prostitution and rape. So then it can be concluded that those men who rape would do so regardless of the legality of prostitution and those men who hire prostitutes would do so whether or not it was legal and do not do so as an alternative to rape.

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