Protectionism: Does government have duty to protect citizens from foreign competition?

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  • Competition lowers Prices

    Foreign competition is good for the American consumer. While it sounds scary to suggest that we are buying goods produced in countries other than the U.S., the fact is that competition lowers prices because it causes American firms to compete with competitors. As such, the government has no duty to prevent such competition.

  • No, it's up to the people to make themselves competitive

    People must take it upon themselves to make themselves the most marketable possible. If that requires furthering their education or learning a trade this is far more acceptable than asking their government for additional assistance. The government already provides resources to pay for education and centers to learn a trade. The government also has agencies that monitor foreign competition to make sure they do not get an unfair advantage in trade. The more self reliant the people are the better for the society in general.

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