Protectionism: Should developing countries protect themselves from trade blocs?

  • Grow the Your Countries Industry

    Globalization and competition is good for countries who have the capacity to compete. Countries that are in the developing world will see a lot of their workers unemployed because they can't subsidize and or have the resources/ technology to compete with countries who are already had time to build up their industries.

  • Yes, developing countries should seek free trade.

    Yes, developing countries should protect themselves from trade blocs, because developing trade is critical to improve the economies in developing countries. Trade blocs are unfair to developing countries. These countries should seek trade routes and relationships that are the most open and that are the most willing to help the developing country improve their trade and quality of life for their people.

  • Free trade means cheaper goods

    Protectionism seems like a good idea for emerging countries, but, in reality, the protection afforded comes at the price of drastically higher prices and lower selections for the countries population. Protectionism only serves the interests of the few businesses directly benefiting from the laws, and the people of the country are the ones to truly pay the price.

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