Protesters block buses of undocumented immigrants: Should the influx of illegal immigrants be considered a humanitarian crisis?

  • Too Many People!

    The fact that there are far too many people in the world leads to humanitarian conflict. People will defend what they think is theirs, and will take extreme, unpopular means to do it. We in this country have plenty of space, work, and resources to help these people, but many here do feel threatened. The governmnet needs to make sure nobody gets hurt and finds a diplomatic solution fast.

  • Yes, I believe it should.

    There are many cases of people sending their young children away on boats and buses to come to the United States, I believe you would only do that if circumstances were truly dire in your home country. I believe we should look closely at what is causing the influx of undocumented immigrants and see if we can help in any way instead of just turning them away.

  • California town turns away buses of detained immigrants

    The buses instead took the 140 or so undocumented immigrants to U.S. processing centers at least 80 miles away, in the San Diego and El Centro areas, federal officials say.
    Counter-protesters squared off with the demonstrators, and a shouting match erupted over the nation's immigration system, which recently has been overwhelmed with a tide of Central American minors illegally entering the United States alone or with other children.

  • Yes, Influx of Illegal Immgrants is Humanitarian Crisis

    The increase of illegal immigrants should be handled as a crisis. Finding enough resources, knowing where the immigrants are coming from, and their background is a must. We need to take this seriously. What good does it do when illegal immigrants have been here for years and then have created families and such, and then have legal issues? It becomes much more of a problem then.

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