Proud to be a White American Woman, & unlike some White/Caucasian/European American People, I'm not afraid to say it! Are you?

  • I'm not afraid to be proud of who I am. Nor should I be.

    So many White people these days are afraid to be proud of who they are (or admit to it) for fear of being targeted with hateful mail, messages, emails, social networking attacks, and other types of insults and threats. All races/ethnicities are encouraged to be proud of who they are and their background, unless you're white. Then you are considered to be racist, privileged, undeserving, evil, and so many more ridiculous labels. I am not just proud to be White, but I'm proud to be an American, a mother, a wife, a survivor, educated, and much more. Since White people can't and/or don't, and are discouraged from, not given the opportunity to, and/or even threatened against speaking up, proclaiming, celebrating, or even discussing the pride of our race, we are left vulnerable and by not standing up for our rights, to this problem, we allow it to happen. Commercials, shows, movies, holidays, events, colleges, and more are created to celebrate and accommodate certain races, but not for White people. Then people of all other races will make comments that everything is already about White people, we don't deserve it because we aren't a minority or discriminated against, and other ridiculous accusations. This is pure racism to exclude White people and then attack them when they speak up and say that they don't approve. I don't care to tolerate that BS.

  • Sure I am a proud White/Northern Aryan/European American male, and a member of the founding race of people that established this great nation state.

    My European ancestors, for more than 35,000 years have had to adapt to harsh winters, short growing seasons, and carve an existence out of ice age Eurasia. Our work ethic and heritage of the family/clan unit and innovative, adventurous spirit had made it possible to survive and thrive. We brought modern science and technology to the world, along with a charitable tradition that has not been reciprocated. Although our people are victimized by criminals of other races many, times more than the other way around, and are shot by police at higher rates than blacks are, (despite our significantly lower per capita crime rates), we are called " racists " for daring to point out the blatantly obvious hypocrisy of the double standards that the PC/professional victim "black lives matter" crowd constantly tries to browbeat us with.

  • I'm Proud to be an American

    My main problem is that many people from other countries and they come to America they do for a reason because their country may be under Tyranny and they want to be free from it and I'm sure that they are Proud to say America God Bless Us All U.S.A and I'm proud for speaking up against Injustice God Bless America.

  • PC censorship is ruining our country and our heritage.

    Unfortunately most of the hate and racism against white Americans is from self-loathing, guilt-ridden, ultra-liberal, white Americans. I know way too many of them personally. It really is sad. I've made it a point to teach my lovely daughter and my son to be proud of who and what they are and not let political correctness make them feel ashamed or censored.

  • Skin tone does not equal heritage

    I am proud of my heritage, but my Heritage is Irish, not "White" or "European". While Ireland may be in Europe, and we may not tan well, we are not "White Americans".
    The Idea that you are not a racist, just a proud white person is frankly absurd. That is the same talking point used by the KKK, the Neo-Nazis and other White Nationalists say, "oh we don't hat other races, we're just proud of our race." But really what that means is that our race is superior and we are just using looking at this from the positive side.

  • No no no

    I am not a white American woman who is not afraid to say it, I am a Native American Man and yes, I am afraid to say that I'm a white american woman, because I am not, I am not some kind of deranged "transgender" lunatic that the government fails to recognize as mentally ill.

  • Heritage versus race.

    What I am very proud of is my heritage, which is very real and has a specific history for myself and my family. And I am not afraid to say that I'm white, nor do I feel ashamed for being white. But I do not see being white as an automatic source of pride.

    A race of people can live across an entire continent, in many different countries and cultures. Because race tells you nothing regarding your family's history, why automatically cling to it as a source of pride? Anyone, of any race, who believes they should be proud simply because they are 'race x' is doing it wrong.

  • Proud of what?

    The question of pride in identity has troubled me for quite a while. Here's why: your race, your gender, your nationality are all accidents of birth. They are not accomplishments. I was raised to be proud of things I earned, not the stuff I was lucky enough to be born with (globally, the citizen of a country where few starve; nationally, the member of a race who needn't fear "driving while white."

    Lucky? Yep.

    Grateful? Yes, but damn sorry for those who can't say the same.

    Proud? No. I save that emotion for things I have earned.

  • Ready for a truth bomb, Hiroshima?

    I am not a female, and thus no, I am not proud to call myself a white/caucasian/american/european/notblack/normal/pale/kindtanbutnotlikethattanohyouknowhatimean/white woman. That'd be weird, huh?
    Anyway, i cant post ths response without 21 more words, wait now its 15. So i guess this is filler. Boop da doop ma goop ya woop. Ya know?

  • Disagreement with pride in nationalism/color

    I understand the reasons leading up to what may have caused you to come to your decision; there is a lot of racial unrest that has been publicized in the US recently. A lot of anti-white sentiment is thrown around, and I believe a number of university staff have even been asked to step down from their positions simply on the basis of their skin color and accusations of racism. Very unfortunate.

    One of my beliefs that is contrary to yours is that I think any type of racial or gender-specific pride, along with nationalism, is pointless. These are things beyond the scope of our control as humans, and for that reason I don't see any point in taking pride in it. There was nothing actively done by any one human to accomplish this (gaining a new citizenship is a different story) and in my opinion only serves to separate us as a human race further. I am comfortable with my skin, my gender, my physical appearance, etc. as in I have come to terms with everything I ended up with genetically and by geography of birth, and for some that can be a difficult process. That, though, does not justify a desire to take pride in any of the above. Also, I don't think fighting back using the same tactic will resolve any of the racial issues I believe you are combating.

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