Proving or disproving existence of ghosts: Are we simply doing the wrong experiments?

Asked by: bunnybean
  • We've been doing the same experiments that do not yield a yes or no. Do we need to look at it in a different way?

    Think of the higgs boson particle, we know it exists by how the particles around it react. Pictures and videos just don't cut it, we want something solid. I think instead of trying to find a "ghost" we look at the world around said phenomena. We look at ghosts and think supernatural but maybe we should look and say "multiverse?"

  • People who beleive in the supernatural try to get rid of them if they find them and not prove their existance

    Ghosts and the supernatural do exist, as a christan I beleive ghosts are lost or evil dead people that neither heaven nor hell will acccept. I think if welcome them they will show themseves but on the other had I think exorcisims are very neccesssary for evil spirits I beleve ghosts and the supernatural exist. I wish scientist could prove it.

  • Think more logically

    About the physical. What makes a person who they are is stored in their brain. A ghost would have no access to the brain, not to mention the brain is dead so would be of no help anyway. They also would not have any way to sense the world around them, i.e. eyes.
    What I find so funny is the use of EMF detectors on those silly ghost hunting shows. In the real world, they are used by people like electricians to detect an electrical current. Everything electronic, even a digital wrist watch has an electromagnetic field (EMF). With all the microphones, lighting, cameras and other electrical devices being used around the detector, I would be surprised if the thing did not go off.

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