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Public capital punishment should be brought back to be used on terrorists and traitors

Asked by: FormerLeftist
  • Yes it should.

    Ever since public executions have been abolished capital punishment has lost its deterrence factor. America is currently facing an unprecedented threat from the radical left right now. They are committing acts of terror on our soil and murdering American citizens. They turned Minneapolis into Mogadishu. Why should we treat them any differently from terrorists responsible for 911 and al kaida? There needs to be VERY CLEAR consequences for those who wish to join these terrorist groups, And make an example out of these scum so that others think twice before joining the wannabe bolsheviks

  • No it should not

    I think public executions are cruel and inhumane. Not just that they also brutalize society. Also, Public executions and the death penalty is very counter productive in actually stopping crime which advocates say it does. I think we can spend our budget on something that actually works than some counter productive thing.

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