Public Enemy -- good (yes) or racist (no)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Public Enemy is one of the greatest artistic acts of our time.

    Public Enemy was a movement, one of the greatest artistic groups of our time. They began to put Hip Hop on the map for hard-hitting conscious lyrics, if a little crass. The title of this opinion is strange. I'm sure they were racist, almost everyone is. But they were more "good" then "racist".

  • They're stupid in my opinion

    Yes for good, no for racist. Honestly all they do is whine about how bad they had it during Jim Crow, and about slavery and bla, bla, bla. I know this country ain't perfect but we've come a long way from those days. Italians were discriminated against, you hear them whining? Germans were called Nazis and discriminated against? Do you hear them crying. Germans were mistreated after WWII, you hear them crying about it? Irish were treated like garbage. Public Enemy is nothing but a whinefest about how the white man is evil and whatnot.

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