Public financing for US presidential campaigns: Should future US presidential candidates rely on public financing for their campaigns?

  • Yes, this should be how it's done

    Even the people supporting what they're trying to accomplish have to look at scum like the Koch brothers trying to buy elections and shake their head. It's currently an absolutely disgusting process and the only way to give it even a shred of legitimacy going forward is to making all funding public, do away with these funds and foundations masked as something else in hopes of people not realizing what's going on. We're not as stupid as you think we are.

  • Public Financing for US Presidential Campaigns

    Campaign financing for presidential elections has gotten out of hand. I believe there should be a limit placed on spending for an election as well as a limit on the dollar amount and it should be limited to public financing. There also needs to be transparency in donors. When it has reached the point in this country where a presidential election costs over $2 billion, there is something drastically wrong.

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