Public funding for gay pride parades: Is public funding for gay pride parades justifiable?

  • It's just fun!

    Not everything that is supported by public funding is absolutely directly necessary..
    Art, museums and music in schools.
    Allot o street festivals of harvest celebrations are publicly funded..
    So why not help people feel good for being who they are?
    Or is it just to much to see gay people having fun dressed in rainbow colors?

  • Public funding for gay pride not justifiable

    Public funding for gay pride is not justifiable and lawful. Public funding should go to where the need is the most, like schools and emergency disasters. They should not be used up to fund a public gay pride where the only people benefiting are gays and lesbians. The money should be used to help immediate causes that call for immediate attention, like homelessness and orphans.

  • No, it's not

    It is not justifiable because the public should not have to use their tax money in order to fund something that is not applicable to everyone. Public funding should be kept to health care, schools, among other things that serve a greater purpose in our society. Parades, any parade, in general should be privately funded and continue to be. Public funding should continue to only be used on essential parts of todays society.

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