Public health insurance option: Is a public option economical or worth the costs?

  • Health is an inalienable right.

    I believe public health care should be allowed in the United States of America. People the right to have free health care no matter what cost. If we do not have our health or are not alive, we don't have the ability to perform our freedoms like speech and press.

  • Public Health Insurance is Not Worth the Cost

    Public Health Insurance is not worth the cost for several reasons. Businesses are getting the raw end of the deal companies that once offered health insurance can no longer afford to due to the rising cost, directly related to the US trying to pick up the cost for everyone. Also the people signing up and allowed to get treatment for pre-existing conditions, I don't think the American Public should have to pay for the people who were not taking care of themselves in the first place. There are too many people below the poverty level to pick up the tab for everyone. It's like the people who worked hard and have done everything right end up pay for everyone else.

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