Public health insurance option: Is it important to give citizens the choice of a public insurance option?

  • Health care as a right

    Many of the advanced societies provide free health care to all of their citizens. Most of the wealthy and not so wealthy European countries including England and France do. Some of the more economically depressed countries such as Cuba also provide these services free to all. How is America so far behind in their health care system? It's mostly politics which is really a major crime that continues to be committed to this day. Perhaps one day we would be willing to strive for a health care system half as equitable as Cuba by providing a public option.

  • Public insurance option helpful to give to individuals

    Public insurance options are helpful and important to give to citizens. It will give citizens other choices to choose from where they are not forced into choosing one from their employer. It is also important that those individuals who seek to do so are educated and know about their health care options.

  • It is important to provide a choice of insurance

    It is the responsibility of the federal government to ensure the well being of its people. That is why they are in power, and this power comes from the people. Therefore, there should be a sufficient amount of insurances whose inherent function is to ensure the well being of our citizens.

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