Public schools: Should all children be educated through the public school system?

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  • Cookie-Cutter Classes Don't Fit For Each Student

    A public school system designed to educate the most students in the most efficient way possible is not practical for everyone. Some kids need smaller classes with better teachers in order to excel in today's educational system. For low-income families, a public school system is usually the only way to go as they cannot afford private schools.

  • No, parents should decide how to educate their children.

    Many children find themselves in situations in which being educated through the public schools is truly not in their best interests. Some parents do not feel that the public schools are safe enough, or they feel that they can educate their children sufficiently at home, at least through the early education years. Children that are bullied excessively or are not having special educational needs met through the public schools need to have an option other than the public schools. As long as children are meeting educational goals and gaining appropriate social skills, then they should not be forced into the public school system.

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