• A monopoly on education is the worst kind

    Governments should not have monopoly control of Education. When a company has a monopoly on a particular service, the motivation to provide a stellar service is not present. There is also little to no motivation to provide competent costumer service. Also, when governments control the educational system, they also control the curriculum. When a federal government controls curriculum, it becomes watered down and is not able to adopt to the individual needs of the students.

  • Technology will prevail

    In 20 or 30 years, (maybe less) this will be a moot point. Brick and mortar schools above elementary grades are already obsolete, they just don't realize it yet. Technology will soon make traditional schools outdated and unnecessary. Computers, AI robots, and other advances will replace traditional schools gradually over the next few decades. The replacement of factory style education, unnatural peer pressure, and government indoctrination in their version of knowledge will be a boon to mankind in the long run.

  • Teachers brainwashing children.

    Teachers in public schools try to teach children their own opinions and try to force children to believe their textbooks version of things and question none of it. I have nothing against evolutionist but they are just forcing evolution down children throats. I used to have a teacher who "subtlety" told us to convince our parents to vote for Barack Obama. BRAINWASHING.Also there is sex-ed. The fact that the government schools are trying to take away the parents right to give children personal info is absurd. The only comfort is the fact that the schools give parents the choice to not let the children watch that crap.

  • "Schools" are psychological torture.

    Public schools force people, During their most transformative years, Into what is essentially a day prison and adult daycare center where they learn nothing and are psychologically tortured by their peers and the faculty with no avenue of escape. Indeed many would learn more working at real jobs and their lives would be better for it. The US dumps more money into education than any other nation on Earth yet gets third world level results. We must abolish the Prussian model and abolish public schools entirely. We are literally torturing these kids.

  • Unfair for the people

    While public schools provide education for all of America, They are underfunded and unhelpful. The federal government wastes billions of dollars every year trying to fund the thousands of schools they run. I believe that if these schools were privatized, The quality of education would increase, And the price would decrease because of competition among schools. Also, The tax money saved by not having to pay for education would allow poorer families to pay for a new and better education for their children. Another argument is that it is unfair for families who send their children to private schools are forced to pay taxes that support other people's education. Not only does it take more money out of their paychecks, It directly decreases their child's chances of getting into the college they wanted. All colleges have a limit to the number of people they can accept, Therefore it makes no sense why parents should be forced to pay for another child to have an opportunity to take a spot away from their child. In the end, Education is a privilege, Not a right, And it should not be the job of the government to indoctrinate your children.

  • Way too stressful

    The amount of work they give students leaves little to no time for students to have fun anymore. Whether they're worried because a very important project is due and they haven't started it. Or whether they're scared of how their parents will react to their below-average grades. The public school system just causes way too much stress on everyone involved in the process.

  • Shcool is borig

    Shcool is so borig that i watn to nut goo amynore! Haha i might omly be 12 butt i know thet shcool is sp borig and is stupig im smart enuff alreddy i dunt neef shcool. I dont even knowwut abolished ebem meens but it sunds bad and shcool is bad so yes.

  • The government is lying to us!

    We need to get rid of public schools because the government is pushing gay and transgenderism on kids as little as elementary schoolers. We need to fight back and say what is right and true. We need to stop them form brain washing us and pushing all that is wrong. Evolution is wrong, and so is everything else that they are teaching us. We need to fight back!

  • The government is changing up the facts.

    The government is telling kids that gay is okay, and that we all should go for abortion. NO! We should not kill babies before they are born! We shouldn't kill babies period! I believe that we were created, and that it was a boy and a girl, not a boy and a boy, or a girl and a girl. We shouldn't let our children get brainwashed into thinking that if they feel like a girl that they can go to the ladies restroom. We should fight for what is right and true! We should teach our own kids

  • Kids are cruel

    Kids are horrible to other kids and that raises the risk of kids committing suicide and killing other kids. Everything about schools is just wrong. Teacher s are corrupt also and they sometimes even make things easy worse. Like 13 reasons why for example ( ik that's just a show but it pretty accurately describes high school) but if we had smaller schools like home school co ops there would be less of a chance that kids would get bullied and (with a good teacher) in small schools it would make it easier for teachers to notice kids getting bullied and being depressed. And it would be easier to get rid of bad teachers also and the education would likely be better with closer supervision and guidance by the teachers

  • Right around the time hell freezes over

    Public schools are incredibly important. If you dont want your kid going there and you are wealthy and privileged enough to send them to private school or homeschool them than by all means go ahead i fully supoort you and no hard feelinga. But do not take the option from people who need it. Well funded public achools provide educational opportunity to most of the country and more importantly for people who couldnt have an education otherwise. The quality of your education should not be determind by how much money you have, where you live, your race, religion, or how much time you can take off work to homeschool your kid.Do you know what the country was like before public school? Education was reserved for rich WASPs. No immigrants, no poor people. And then thise people couldnt pull themselves from poverty because they had no access to education.

  • We need public schools!

    I'm from Northern Ireland, and we have hardly any private schools here. They're almost all public, and when we got rid of the 11+, we brought it back in pretty much the same form. Some schools are comprehensive, some are grammar and some are a mix of both, but it's hard to find a private school here. Anyway, public schools usually get the best results out of all the schools in GCSEs and A Levels, and private schools tend to be quite elitist - which goes without saying when you have to pay for them, but they tend to favour the richest pupils. Do you think everybody can afford to go to a private school? There are only a limited amount of scholarships. Poor people would not be able to afford education.

  • That would be a bad idea.

    Abolishing public schools would essentially limit ones education to how much money they have. In fact this would intesify the cycle of poverty to a degree which has not been witnessed in decades. Poor families would not be able to afford a good education while rich families would have a huge advantage. Education is a right, not a privilege.

  • Free, secular, and mandatory education is necessary for even the hope of success.

    This would be a terrible idea indeed, and in my opinion, would only deepen the divide between upper and lower class, and continue to beat down the middle class which our governments love to talk about. I am of the belief that if we do this, then rich parents will send their children to good private schools, and poor students to worse private schools (assuming that education is still mandatory!) and then they will learn some stuff, and graduate. When this happens, the students from private schools, who have had better equipment, resources, teachers, and have been more prepared for high earning jobs will be the ones receiving these jobs, and then the poor graduates, with their inferior educations, will have a hard time getting a job better than one which will keep them earning just enough to send their children to the same private school. In addition to augmenting wealth inequality, I think that even the sometimes mundane things learned by students are useful, as they at least provide you with some general knowledge on the functioning of the state, the earth, the "language of the universe" (math), and other things. Already, with the vast shared knowledge of our society, personal knowledge dims in comparison, but I believe that there is but education keeping us from becoming a robot specialised in the one domain in which we work, knowing little or nothing outside of this. For these reasons, I would rather abolish private schools than public schools. A radical thought, yes, but I believe that if this is done, the parents who have money will instead of paying a school for only rich kids, will often make donations to their child's school, and then this will hopefully help all children get what they need to succeed in our Western democracies.

  • Schools is not a prison but a fun place that benefits all. It plays a crucial role in education.

    Schools never forced children to come if the children are unwilling. The one that forced children to come is the parents. Schools is a fun place were students play together and have fun together. It was never a prison to start with. Therefore, schools should NOT be abolished! It should stay forever!

  • When hell freezes over and cows fly while speaking french

    Public schools around the world are the most important character builders, socializing zones and learning places, above all. Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lo l l l l l l l ll l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l

  • It is foolish

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  • NO WAY,they are so important

    Public schools are an essential part of the schooling system. An education is a right and lower socioeconomic children should not be deprived from it because they don't have enough money. Public schools get poorer families an opportunity for a better life. Without public schools, the next generation will suffer. There will be less jobs because less people have an education and more poor and homeless people on the streets. Abolishing public schools is outrageous!!!

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