Public schools should separate students by their test scores?

  • Schools should separate kids by test scores

    By separating students by their test scores they are encouraged to learn by being able to set a steady pace. Teachers will be able to teach to students on the same level and build a curriculum that works for almost all of the students. Those who score higher will no longer be bored by slow classes that spend days, even weeks on a subject. Likewise, those learning at a slower pace will no longer have to struggle to keep up with the information being taught. It will give each student the time they need to complete a task. It will also make the lower scoring children realize that they too are smart, and it will humble the higher scoring students by causing them to realize that there are people just as smart if not smarter than them and they can no longer prey on the week but will have to work hard to achieve there goals. In group projects no one can rely on the "smarter" kids to do all the work. They will have to work equally to complete the projects. I believe that this form of separation will be beneficial to the learning of our future generations.

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