Public services are best run by private companies: Would public services be better if run by private companies?

  • Private companies are more professional

    Private company always total to pay attention about whatever. Because they have to take care only one or several institution. Compared with the government, government has a lot of program and problem, so they will be very complicated to take care about one issue. For example, Freeport just maintain their mining area, but the government should maintain hundreds mining area in Indonesia. So what the private companies do should be better than government.

  • The drive for success

    Since the private companies thrive because of profit surely they will up their game and improve efficiency in order to reel the general society. Cost for these services would also not be an issue as some non profitable private companies sole purpose is to benefit the common people, i.e. u and me. There has been numerous reports indicating that public services run by the government are not up to par as compared to the private companies. For those who are still on the fence let me ask u this, would u rather be paying SLIGHTY more for better services and ensuring ur safety or would u pay less for a service that may in overall endanger ur health
    please let me know what u think about this matter. With much appreciation THANK YOU

  • Private companies should run public services.

    Private companies would do a better job running public services because private companies are under constant pressure from their management and shareholders to maintain an acceptable profit margin. They maintain that profit margin by trimming the fat, cutting the red tape, and keeping things running in an efficient manner. This is something that government does not do very well.

  • The Great Public/Private Debate

    Have you ever visited a prison? Did you enjoy it at all? I'm sure you did not. That's because most prisons in the United States are owned by private corporations who pay the local government to run the facility and get tax breaks. Publicly owned prisons, such as the ones in Norway, give back to the prisoners and try to rehabilitate inmates instead of let them do whatever they please in a fortress of evil.

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