Puerto Rico statehood in America: Do Puerto Ricans deserve full citizenship and rights?

  • Yes, Puerto Ricans deserve full rights.

    Puerto Ricans have made up many valuable parts of the American fabric for many years. However, Americans are often hesitant to give our amigos to the south the recognition and the rights that they have earned. Puerto Rico needs to become the 51st state, because otherwise those poor people do ont get the full benefit of being American- something they deserve.

  • America Should Have Open Arms

    Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States. It is believed that at some point, possibly in the future, Puerto Rico may become the next state. Because this is a possibility, offering Puerto Ricans full citizenship and rights, would be a great move to incorporating the island into the United States in the proper manner.

  • They will have wars

    It wouldbe rude and they should not start wars and they might do bad things and i am the first one to say no and maybe that they would do bad things to other countrys and that would be bad so that is why this would be a horrible desition

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