Puerto Rico's new government pushes for statehood: Should Puerto Rico become a state?

  • Yes for statehood

    PR receives federal funding but does not pay federal tax only state. The island is currently a welfare state with people working "under the table" to avoid paying state taxes. Their infrastructure is terrible, healthcare is not comparable to the mainland and they have too much government. The island needs to be ran like a state not as a separate country especially if they are going to receive federal funding but not pay in to it.

  • Make Puerto Rico a State

    In 2012 Puerto Rico voted to become a state. Let's honor their wishes, and make them a state. Voting against it because your party disagrees with the way voters in the state might vote is dishonorable. We need to restore good will and respect in America. Basing a vote to confirm statehood on politics rather than the will and best interests of the voters is playing dirty.

  • Yes, Puerto Rico should become a state

    Yes, I believe that Puerto Rico should become a state. If Puerto Rico is pushing for statehood then I think that their request should be accepted. This seems like the natural progression of events after having been a territory of the United States for such a long period of time.

  • Puerto Ricans are too divided on the question of statehood.

    The only reason why this question is popping up again is because the Puerto Rican economy is mired in debt and in default due to a long history of incompetence and corruption. Puerto Ricans do not want the responsibilities that statehood entails and are looking for a bail out to help them out of their current economic crisis.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    No state should ever be allowed into the Union until it can pay its own bills. Statehood is not welcome for Puerto Rico. It is a socialistic mess. They have run out of "other peoples' money" in PR, and now want access to yet more peoples' money. Actually, they wanna borrow US credit card. A society of more benefits and promises than income or resources is bound to fail.

  • If there was a "in between" option, I would choose that

    I think the solution to this problem, and many others like it is simple, let the residents of Puerto Rico decide if this is the path they would like to go down. If they want to become the 51st state, let them. If they don't, have them remain a commonwealth.

  • Puerto Rico doesn't need to become a state.

    Puerto Rico is already a territory of the United States. I'm not sue what would be gained by giving it statehood. In all practicality, it would probably cause more complications than benefits. The simplest being, the complications involved in changing our flag. More information would need to be collected as to the advantages to making Puerto Rico a state.

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