Putin and Trump to run the world: Is Trump a stronger leader than Putin?

  • Donald Trump will be a stronger leader than Putin

    Donald Trump will be a stronger leader then Vladimir Putin because he is a man of his word who truly does what he says. He also has the backing of a willing and able Congress to help further any goals and, or, disputes that might arise against Russia. Donald Trump is the right man for this time.

  • Yes he is.

    Trump is a stronger leader than Putin. Therefore they will run the world since both of them are arrogant leaders. They are both dictatorial and this has made citizens to protest since they don't love them. On the other side Putin in Russia is also a dictator, so the two of them will control the world how they want.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    But Trump fails to understand that Vladimir Putin aspirations for Russian hegemony in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe are much more significant threats than the nuisance of terrorism. Rapprochement with Russia with an eye toward counter terrorism cooperation is like inviting a burglar into your home to aid in the search for a lost pair of glasses.

  • I Don't think either of them are strong.

    Trump won the presidency through fear and I hear that Putin won his presidency by cheating. Neither of those traits show any type of power in my opinion. If you rule to unite your people, I think that shows the most amount of power over anything else you could possibly do.

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