Putin claims democratic elections are the only way to remove Assad: Should we trust Putin's claim, in light of his support for the dictator?

  • So0 funny!!! Assad has been elected by 83% of Syrians and USA is breaking international laws by supporting terrorists.

    It's just a silly joke to think that USA is against Assad just because he is a dictator.
    In fact USA is the country which strongly supports dictators and benefits them a lot e.G all Arab kings who know nothing about human rights.
    Make sure we will never let USA slay Assad as Assad fights with our worst enemy Israel.

    It's just a dream of Americans which will NOT be fulfilled.

  • The Assad Dynasty

    The Russian Federation has been known for rigging elections, so that the United Russia (Putin's Party) will win. They have been doing this, for a very long time. I personally do not think that Assad will allow a democratic election to occur, because he is trying his best to keep his family Assad dynasty alive. You can see this, because he is trying so hard to stay in power, with gas attacks to it's own people, and having human rights abuses on the people who don't support Assad's government.

  • Putin not to be Trusted

    I don't think we should trust Putin's claim, because he supported the dictator. In addition to that, if we were to have a democratic election, citizens would likely be too terrified of the possible consequences to vote to remove Assad, which would just start the process all over again, but worse.

  • He's Still a Dictator

    I don't think anything that Putin says can be taken seriously at this point because of how much trouble he has caused in the past. I feel like he can't support both since they're polar opposites. But we'll see what actually ends up happening with all of this if they decide to change the election policies and format.

  • Putin's support for democracy dubious at best

    No, Putin's push for democratic elections as the prime way to remove Assad shouldn't be taken at face value. Putin knows full well that functional elections are a far-off goal for Syria and he can trust that supporting democracy as the best tool for a change of government would delay the question for years to come. Furthermore, no election process could be considered credible as long as Assad still holds power.

  • Historicly it is unwise to trust Putin

    Even recently Russia, which is lead by Putin, has acted against the wishes of the rest of Europe and the U.S. One example his the invasion of certain parts of the Ukraine despite urgings against doing so. This event shows that Russia has no inclination to act for the benefit of the other nations and so must be watched carefully with an element of cautious distrust.

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