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Putin claims international conspiracy working to delegitimize Trump presidency: Is there a conspiracy against Trump?

  • There is a conspiracy against Trump

    There is a conspiracy against Trump, and it's not just international. In fact, it begins right here at home in the good ol' U.S. of A. The conspiracy is among the media, which has done anything and everything in its power to cause Trump to lose. The interesting thing is how the American people cut through the clear media bias and all but ignored it. Props to the voter for that.

  • Why are we listening to Putin's claims?

    Why didn't Putin speak up during the election if there is a conspiracy? I am so frustrated with this Putin Trump friendship. It's almost like Trump didn't learn anything from the history books at all. I'd like Putin to give us some proof. All this talk on all sides is starting to desensitize people to the real issues.

  • There is no conspiracy against Trump

    There is no conspiracy working against Donald Trump. He is losing legitimacy in people's eyes because of his refusal to admit that Russian hacking influenced the outcome of the election. He is also losing his legitimacy as a serious president elect by getting into petty arguments with celebrities over twitter.

  • There is no conspiracy against Trump

    There is no worldwide conspiracy against Donald Trump. His combative personality and controversial positions have made him a lightning rod, but that does not mean there is a conspiracy against him. The negative press articles that have been published have been based in fact, and the unbiased intelligence agencies have come out with information based on their intelligence.

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