Putin criticizes the West's handling of migrant crisis: Is Russia a world leader for human rights?

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  • No it is not.

    They have done so horrible things to people. Not only was the KGB an awful organization that violated the human rights of many citizens. They have also commited some more recent human rights violations, particularly the codemtantion of LGBTQ people, and the persecution of these people, even during an international event.

  • They are hypocrites.

    Russia left millions of people to die in starvation. Much of their people still live in poverty. They prosecute and even hunt down and kill political dissidents. Russia is anything but a world leader. They are quick to point the finger at others but that is just for political gamesmanship. They are no better than any other country.

  • I don't think so

    Putin himself has faced criticism over human rights in his country. Especially when it comes to how homosexuals and protesters are treated. Look at the reports of how political prisoners are treated, starved, deprived of clothing, and barely fed. He may have some valid comments on how others are handing the migrant crisis, but he's hardly setting an example to follow.

  • No, Russia is not a world leader for human rights.

    No, Russia is not a world leader for human rights. Putin has attacked his enemies and will stop at nothing to gain power. He is practically a dictator because his power is so enormous. Russia might claim to care, but the reality is it simply wants to be more powerful.

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