• AIDS is rife in Russia, Putin had a duty to act.

    The National Aids Trust attributes the spread of AIDS to “high-risk” practices in the gay scene where homosexual men skip into gay clubs or mince into public lavatories to perform unspeakably depraved sex acts with other men.

    The countries where homosexuality is illegal have the lowest prevalence of AIDS, with only 0.01% of the population of Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan are living with HIV, the virus that leads to AIDS. Meanwhile, in Russia, over 1% of the population have HIV/AIDS

    Clearly, Putin had a duty to protect Russia’s citizens from the spread of HIV and the only way to do that was crackdown hard on the gays and other governments should follow his lead.

  • Good job Putin.

    Sexual orientation does not equal sexual conduct.
    It does not matter whether homosexuals are "Born this way" (Although it is pseudo-science as far as science can tell). All sexual actions except rape are a conscious choice. It doesn't matter if a pedophile thinks he is born what way, he is not punished until he acts on harmful urges, a pedophilia is also expected to not act upon these desires.

    Society have the right to regulate sexual conduct and harmful behavior. That is why motorcyclists must wear helmets, that is why drugs are illegal, that is why suicide is discouraged. Every single law is imposing a view and probably putting a restriction, but what matters is the greater good of the society and individuals.

    Homosexuals are not equal, neither do they have right to equality. We are unchangeably and immutably heterosexual. To define heterosexuality as a mere sexual conduct would be a lie on a fundamental truth about the human body. We have a heterosexual procrative organs. We are either males or females. The existence of sexual desire is rooted in our procreative heterosexual design.

    Homosexuality is nothing more than same-gender conduct among people who are innately and
    unchangeably heterosexual. Homosexuality is thus biologically equivalent to other derivatives from the normal sexual functions of the human being, like pedophilia and bestiality.

    I repeat. Homosexuaility is not "Just about love". What is wrong with a man loving a child? What is wrong with a man loving his mother and daughter? What is wrong about loving your friends? We are all equal on that aspect.
    Homosexuailty is different in the sexual conduct.

  • I am Gay, but I agree with Putin

    I am not going to sit here and say that I hate gay people or have anything against gay people. Although, I have seen how this world has gone down the drain for accepting and tolerating gay actions to the extent of destroying societies. I am a gay man and I DO NOT believe that you are born gay. That concept is just nutty. I support Putin doing what he believes best for his country and other leaders should follow if they decide to.

  • Congrats Putin for a decision well made

    Now, while I don't exactly support Putin and his more or less corrupt power, I do applaud this decision. He has his morals and is doing something about this rising LGBT problem. Don't be fooled by the "war" part of it; there are politicians in America and around the world who would love this, Putin just has the power to make it law. We need to make it very clear to the LGBT community that we are not going to tolerate them. They need to understand that some countries actually have traditional values and moral standards. The desire of the LGBT community to tear at the fabric of society, marriage and the family, will eventually corrupt and destroy, invoking God's wrath. These people are sinners who need to repent and be saved, immediately. The LGBT community and their supporters have already done enough damage, and now they prance around our nations as if they are innocent, and they teach others, especially innocent young children, that their sickening behavior is okay. Because of their ignorance, they must be punished for their sins, and if not in heaven, then here on earth. Homosexuals must repent, and keep their behavior to themselves, or they will have no place in God-fearing nations.

  • Down with homosexuality!

    Homosexuals are destroying the culture of the human race. God created two genders so they can mingle with each other, not the other way around. They are ruining the purpose of life, and, if it gains much support, the numbers of babies born naturally will decrease drastically. Homosexuality is just wrong. The moment President Obama legalized gay marriage, thousands and maybe even millions of people across the globe have subjected to this un-natural practice. Again, Putin has chosen the right choice. Homosexuality is a sin. Proof is supplied in all religious texts: The Holy Quran, The Bible and even the Gospel. Putin will eventually do what is right for the human race, and will certainly benefit lots in the long term.

  • Finally, Finally, Finally.

    The LGBT are a global menace.
    Before I continue, I'd just like to add that it is scientifically proven that:
    1.) No one is born gay. You can look this up if you don't believe me. Http://americanvision.Org/8136/new-twin-study-people-not-born-gay/
    2.) People aren't stuck as gay. Most people who have undergone therapy afterwards believe that they are straight/mostly straight.

    Anyway, the LGBT is promoting an unhealthy and immoral lifestyle.
    I'm glad someone is finally putting a stop to them (even if it is Putin).

  • Gay People Are a Disorder to a Society like Russia.

    Homosexuality at it's roots is a mental defect. It's an abnormality in the nucleus accumbens, septum pellucidium, and the hypothalamus (sexual pleasure centers) of the brain. Being Gay is a sexuality disorder that goes against evolutionary trats of adaption and with further scientific advancements on brain chemistry and development we can get rid of it permanently. That of course doesn't mean Gays should get rid of being Gay, shouldn't get rights, or is below any other citizen but like any mental conditions or disabilities it should be to a certain extent understood as the same.

    Putin Took A Stand Against It And I for one SUPPORT it!

  • Homosexuals are possesed by shaytan him self

    The gays are the among the most evil people to live on earth i wish that we could have camps were we put thoese animals and have them tortured and hung on displayas a first step in Shirah law gays are disgusting along with pork eaters and christans and osama bin laden gays are just odd and should be delt with the right way

  • Bad morals undermining

    You people are letting your short sighted progressive views disrupt moral standards. We should not be so accepting of gays, queers or anything else sexually liberating. This whole movement is letting our sexuality define us too much. Instead our urges should be repressed and our moral values, that are not subjective and are culturally relative, should be given more weight.

  • I have a new respect for Putin.

    About time a world leader stood up to the gay rights movement. Putin is only doing what most Russians want according to Pew Research Center Survey.

    Vote whores like Presidents Clinton and Obama, and potential presidential hopeful like Hillary and Biden will never show their true beliefs. They don't care about the harm that is caused in society by gays.

    The Pew Research Center did a survey in 39 countries, including Russia. The question asked was "Should Society Accept Homosexuality." In Russia, only 16% said that society should accept homosexuality; 74% said homosexuality should not be accepted by society; and, 10% refused to answer the question or where undecided.

    In the USA, only 60% said yes. In the Middle East countries, e.G., Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Israel had only 40% that yes it should be accepted, but in the rest only form 2% to 18% said that homosexuality should be accepted in society.

    This PEW study sheds some light on the myth that is being spread by the gay rights movement. The myth that was debunked by this study is that despite the lies being spread by the gay rights community, most of the world does not believe society should accept homosexuality.

  • Not in my country.

    I do not personally condone homosexuality. I don't believe any legislation should be made to make homosexuals more comfortable. It is a homosexual person's choice to be homosexual.

    However, with that being said, neither Jesus nor the Constitution would condone a war on homosexuals. Don't be all or nothing. Just because we should persecute homosexuals doesn't mean we should support them. They're allowed to live how they like, but shouldn't receive any more attention than a smoker or drinker.

    A war on homosexuals is bad, though, both from a constitutional standpoint and a Biblical one.

  • People are gay. Get over it, scumbags.

    Putin's war on homosexual's is one of the most disgusting acts in human history and only shows that we as a species are moving backwards, not forwards as a species. Putin had decided to deny perfectly normal, innocent human beings the ability to live the way they want to live due to his own insane dictatorial mindset and cow-towing to religious bigots. Homosexuality is not a choice, and is not simply something you can "get over". These claims of it being "morally deviant" because you're homosexual is sickening homophobic bigotry at it's worse. So now, millions of Russians will now have to live in fear of being who they are, live in oppression now as they have to hide their true love, live in a climate of fear in which the general public views them as "sick" simply for living. What a disgraceful and horrific indictment this anti-gay ban is, on the sick, degenerate core of humanity. So in conclusion, I find it is more the homophobes, that find oppressing members of their population, that find ruining people's lives a-okay because a book of their says so. And also the fact that 32% of people on this site agree with that motion makes me want to puke up my gut.

  • In a perfect world yes, but in the real world No.

    Though I'm one of the biggest Conservatives on this site I morally think homosexuality is wrong, but in reality I think that declaring war on them is not the way to go here. Because what you are getting here is genoside and the only reason Putin is getting away with it is because it's Russia and no one is going to tell them no. Besides the US is above doing foolish things like that.

  • I wish that people would declare war on these power hungry corrupt dictators.

    It's tragic that such intolerant people will never listen to any rational arguments, reason, or simple common sense and continue with their ways without much consequence simply because they can get away with it. It really is absolutely horrible that people are denied basic rights in other parts of the world over something like this which simply doesn't matter at all. Who cares if someone is gay? Why does it matter to you? What they're doing will never change your life or make things harder for you, unlike you know, how you treat them. Honestly, I hope both reincarnation and karma exist that way in their next life, these people can be rightfully punished for their immaturity and all the suffering they've caused.

  • Homophobia is, by definition, irrational.

    Putin has really gone off the deep end. Outside of religions that decide to reduce equality for all (eg Christianity), there's simply no argument for it. None.
    It's not natural! A) If you're reading this - you're a hypocrite, so leave now.
    It will shrink the population! A) Considering that we're growing as a population, I don't think a few million gay people will really damage that.
    Gay people will only have gay children! A) In the same way that straight people only have straight children, right?
    But surely only having one gender of parent only will stunt development mentally?! A) First off, what? Seriously, wow... -_- Secondly, that's why we ban single mums and dads everywhere!

    Inside of religion, the reason against this is by commands from people. Well:
    a) Most of these are about marriage - this isn't - this is about gay people's rights in general and leaders following it.
    B) considering some of the things stated in these texts why should anyone nit-pick things...? Eg Christians, before you quoting Romans; start smashing Church windows because you're having a graven image of Jesus (God). Remember commandment number three! Please, stop this nonsense, now! Gay is equal and why should you care? In 100 years, just like for women and blacks, this will b e one of those stupid things that people study and ask "why the Hell did we not see how they're equal?" in the same sense now we look at women in the 1600s and say "why the Hell did we not see how they're equal?"

  • Gay people can't help but be Gay

    Gay people are born Gay, they cannot help but be gay. The Bible is filled with lies and bigotry and cannot be trusted in our attitudes towards other human beings, some people are born heterosexual and some people are born homosexual. We have no right to declare war on gays because that is who they are and they have the right to be who God made them

  • All of Russia should be ashamed.

    I can't believe I'm actually reading this. The last time something like this happened was in Germany in the 1930s. All Russian citizens should be ashamed of what Putin is doing, and hopefully will be outraged at his decision. In my opinion, the other nations of the world, as well as the IOC (International Olympic Committee) should punish, or at least rebuke Putin for this. I think the IOC would even be justified in going so far as barring Russia from hosting the Olympics until these laws are revoked, as they put any Olympic athlete who is homosexual, suspected to be homosexual, or simply accused of being homosexual at risk of being arrested and imprisoned.

    Shame on Russia. SHAME!!!!!!

  • There so many more important things.

    Honestly really why not a war on child trafficking , or AIDS and Cancer. Seriously there are people dying of really simple things that are preventable.Seriously there are problems in Russia that are more important than somebody's harmless personal life style. Rapists get looked over and this is a crime. SMH what drugs is he on.

  • Simply extra wrong.

    I don't know if gay people are born gay or if you simply fall in love with a person and the person happens to be of the same gender. I do not think that matters, actually. Declaring war on someone, anyone is wrong. Declaring war on someone just because of who the person loves? That is extra wrong.

  • It would be a violation of human rights.

    While people are allowed to dislike homosexuality for whatever reason, impeding on the rights of the LGBT community just because of one's opinions is really not okay. In fact, it's wrong, disgusting and just because you don't like it, doesn't mean you're allowed to pull this on people who have done nothing to you.

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Eitan_Zohar says2013-07-28T18:55:33.160
IMHO this is a wonderful opinion.
Anonymous says2013-09-11T12:07:42.720
This is false, Putin did not declare war on homosexuals or their homosexuality, rather he declares war on the propaganda of it whether it may be positive or negative, he feels like this is a private matter handled in ones own home and should not be controlled by others nor the state. He feels like this should not be a public issue that involves the media and the government.