Putin increasing Ukranian military action: is Trump allowing it to happen?

  • Yes, it seems so.

    It is very likely that President Trump is turning a blind eye to Russia's increasing military action in Ukraine. President Putin was a major supporter of Trump during the presidential campaign. Trump probably feels obligated to repay Putin for his support - in the way of ignoring Putin's controversial actions in Eastern Europe.

  • Yes, he probably is.

    It is very likely that President Trump is turning a blind eye to Russia's increasing military action in Ukraine. President Putin was a major supporter of Trump during the presidential campaign. Trump probably feels obligated to repay Putin for his support - in the way of ignoring Putin's controversial actions in Eastern Europe.

  • Trump is Putin's servant, so he probably is.

    Trump really seems to like Putin, as the two leaders appear to get along well for several reasons and have a lot in common in terms of ideas. Trump wants to get along with Russia, and will therefore ignore Putin's wrongdoings (such as military action and any future annexations) and will support Putin. For those of you who believe Russia hacked our election, Putin did it so Trump would get in office and support him unlike Hillary who was very anti-Russia. Trump is Putin's puppet if they hacked our election, he's there on the condition that he does what Russia says and they have things they can use against him if he doesn't comply. So us Americans are really ruled by Putin now because Trump is his puppet, so we're basically Russians now.

  • Trump is like Putins puppet.

    Im pretty sure Trump will overlook almost everything Putin does in the next 4 years. Russia intervened in the election for a reason. It just so happens that Trump owes a lot of money to Putin so they are most likely going to make deals benefiting Russia. ( ( (

  • Putin is his best friend.

    Of course Trump is going to give Putin a free reign. Trump is insecure and I'm pretty sure he is being blackmailed by the Russians. That may be one of the reasons he wants his wife and youngest kid to be in New York where he has some control. Putin wants to bring back Russia's golden days and Trump is going to help him do that.

  • Trump Wants World Friends

    Trump is on the quiet and frankly doesn't care because Trump wants Putin to be an ally not an enemy. This is actually a smart decision for Trump, burn the bridges of the cold war and get U.S./Russian relations to what they were pre-communism. If Trump can pull it off and not get stabbed in the back, I feel it will be a couple steps closer for him to pass the Obama Administration in greatness and foreign policy.

  • Trump and Putin are BFFLs

    Come on! Trump and Putin are BFFLs, or Best Friends For Life! Hell, if you've taken the time to look carefully enough, you can see a friendship bracelet under the cuff of Trump's suit during his inauguration! Of course he's not going to ruin his friend's fun! What are friends for?

  • Trump is not making it a priority

    With all the investigations into Russia, Trump politically will not get involved at this time. It is not a reflection of amything that Trump did wrong, but just politically it doesn't make sense for him to get involved in this confrontation. Trump by any measure is not Putin's puppet or servant.

  • Trump follows Putin

    Since the beginning of Trump's presidency, Trump has showed the world that he is a hundred percent a follower of Putin. Trump is Putin's puppet. They have had ties, and I believe it only makes sense that Trump knows what is going on, yet he has no desire to stop it.

  • How is Trump allowing it to happen?

    Didn't know that Trump can override decisions made by Putin - unless there was an established alliance in place. It is too soon to tell how their relationship will turn out as Trump has only just taken over the office as President of the Unite States of America. This question is premature at the time.

  • Is this a joke?

    Under the Obama administration Putin was allowed to carve off chunks of Ukraine to satisfy his Soviet hunger whenever he wanted. It was Obama that turned a blind eye to Putin's invasion of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea. If Russian troops make a large push further into Ukraine, you can bet they will meet American troops before they hit the Dnieper.

  • It's not Trump's Problem

    Trump has much bigger issues than Russia flexing its muscles. Most people freak out if Russia tries to make any military moves at all. Putin doesn't care about Trump. I know this because I have friends and family who live in Russia and are involved in the political system. Putin could care less who is elected president. The USA has control of the seas, and the air. The only thing Putin wants is his own sphere of influence, like that of the US with the surrounding Latino countries.

  • Trump just got elected and he is not the world police of in charge of the whole world

    Trump can not prevent this without going to war and most Americans don't want that. The results of war would be that a lot of resources would be used and prices would raise and taxes would too.

    Trump is not a Russian spy or puppet. Trump needs to focus on cleaning up Obama's mess then if the conflict is still going on. Trump does not care that much about the rest of the world because he wants to "Make America Great Again."

  • He just became president

    How could he keep it from happening? If anyone was letting it happen it would be Obama. Trump hasn't had enough time to do anything yet. You're just trying to say some crap about trump. He hasn't done anything wrong yet. Perhaps you're just jealous because he's so successful while you don't seem to be.

  • Trump is POTUS. Not POR.

    To think that Trump has any control over what Putin is doing comes down to a lack of thinking and headliner politics. Putin is in charge of Russian Military. Putin is the President of Russia. Putin is controlling his armies and he is not going to step down and listen the the President of foreign countries.

  • Ukraine is a Russian territory.

    Ukrainians are Russians speaking a different language. Donald Trump happens to be the president of the United States which, unless I'm mistaken, is on the other side of the globe. Trump should simply mind his own business if he knows whats good for him. Otherwise Putin will simply make a fool of him like he did Obama.

  • Trump does not have that much influence over the whole world

    Trump is the leader of the US, not the entirety of the world. People are giving him way too much credit on this front. Neither Trump or Putin are going to influence each others decisions, and this is an individual issue for Russia itself. If Trump and the US were to be involved, surely that would include pouring in their own troops, especially considering that is what they have done with every other way they have been involved in.

  • It's All Barack Obama's fault

    Obama's nuclear deal with Iran was an unforgivable betrayal of world
    security . Trump needs Putin's cooperation in neutralizing Iran , and keeping them from developing a nuclear arsenal , that he may have to
    let transgressions against other countries slide , in order to save the
    world . With the exception of our free and fair press , the Obama administration will go down as one of the biggest foreign policy disasters of our time .

  • How could trump be allowing it to happen?

    Last I checked, Trump is president of the US, not the president of Russia. America should not be the "World Police" that we are. The only plausible way that Trump would be "allowing" it to happen is if we had direct control over Russia and it's affairs, and in no way does Trump have it. If Trump has an issue with it, he could always take it up with the UN, but that should be left to someone who lives closer to Russia and knows more about it.

    Everyone automatically sees "Trump" and "Putin" in an argument and sees that they are "working together". The issue here is that there is little proof for this, just a lot of speculation. But that is beside the point. The main point is that this is an issue with Europe, not America. If the neighborhood next to you decides to enforce a curfew at 10:00pm, you won't care because you don't live there. Make that the mentality with America vs European policies.

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