Putin pleased with Trump win: Does he have sinister plans for the U.S.?

  • Putin has sinister plans for the U.S.

    Putin has sinister plans for the U.S., but it is not because Donald Trump was elected. He already had sinister plans for us, and has already acted upon them. He thinks having Trump as a potential ally will make it easier for him to continue on with his sinister activities.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Now we a trading in paranoia and cold war style scare tactics. Incredible. I seriously doubt he is a puppet of Putin for the simple reason that Trump is too abrasive to be a puppet of anyone. Still Trump himself is unlikely to be a puppet since he has the same type of personality as Putin these kind of folks can cooperate on certain issues but at the very first sign of conflicting interests they break apart.On the other hand Hillary is incredibly warlike in her tone if you elect her she might start the big one with either the Russians or the Chinese I seriously doubt she can control herself at the first sign of crisis with either one.

  • A Russian plot by Putin to antagonize the United is a media creation.

    Putin congratulating Trump on his election victory and expressing pleasure with the result is nothing as sinister as the media would have us believe. He is very aware of the economic and political costs for his country if he were ever to engage the United States in military conflict and he realizes that it is not good for either side. He did not have an amicable relationship with President Obama or Hillary Clinton, so it is natural that he be pleased with Trump's win, recognizing him as someone he can work with.

  • He can't get away with them.

    Putin says that he is pleased with Trump's win because Putin knows that he won't be able to get away with things like shooting planes down over the Ukraine. Putin knows that he has to play nice now. Trump is a strong leader, just like Reagan was. Putin knows the games are over and it's time to come to the table.

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