Putin says he's ready for peace: Is Russia happy that Trump won the election?

  • yep, that's what they wanted

    At minimum Trump has often praised Putin. In the middle, it's very likely that Russian hackers are behind the Dem convention leaks and much of the email crap. Also, Trump himself has business ties to Russia, so he's clearly got financial stakes in good relations with Russia. God help us all.

  • Trump-Putin connection: will Trump's presidency spell a new relationship with Russia?

    Yes, I believe that because Trump won the election, it will redefine how the US interacts with Russia. Trump has said repeatedly that he admires Putin, and hackers affiliated with the Russian government cracked into the Democratic National Committee to steal the Democrats' research strategy for opposing Trump. Following Trump's win, many supporters in Moscow publically showed their support for an electoral process that Trump once said was 'rigged' against him. All signs point to Russian satisfaction with the election results.

  • Yes they are.

    Russia is actually happy that Donald Trump has won the elections. This is because Trump has had a very close relation with Russia. Owing to the previous relationship that the United States has had with Russia, they can now make peace with the United States. Its a good sign for them.

  • They can't get away with things.

    Russia did some pretty terrible things during the Obama administration. They shot down a plane over Ukraine. Obama did nothing. Russia then took over part of the Ukraine. Obama did nothing. Russia cheated their way through the Sochi Olympics. There was very little penalty. Russia is not happy with the results because they cannot get away with these things anymore.

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