Quarterback Derek Carr won AFC Offensive Player of the Year. Should he be MVP?

  • The other candidates have pieces

    Let's take a look at TB, Zeke, Matty Ice, and A-Rodge compared to Carr. TB was suspended for 4 weeks where the Pats went 3-1, Rodgers got hot for a 6 week stretch, not a full season, Zeke touches the ball less than half the times a QB does, and Matt Ryan has better offensive pieces. Derek Carr turned a #2 playoff team into a #5 team in the matter of a single injury. That's value lost.

  • Derek Carr defines valuable

    The Pats went 4 games without Tom Brady, they won 3 of them. Matt Ryan was part of an offensive juggernaut, Ezekiel Elliot doesn't touch the ball as much as the QBs, and A-Rodge began the season going 4-6 after 10 weeks. Carr's injury destroyed the Raiders' Super Bowl ride.

  • Yes, Derek Carr should be MVP.

    Derek Carr is a good candidate for NFL MVP. The Raiders were one of the hottest teams in the league before he got hurt. After he got hurt, they were not even competitive. There are some other great players on the team like future Hall of Famer Khalil Mack, but without Derek Carr, the team is only average.

  • No, there are other players that deserve the award.

    No, even though he was voted AFC West offensive player of the year he got injured during a game and could not be in the playoffs, his team was eliminated and the season is not over yet, having many other players that were as important to their teams as Derek Carr was to the Raiders, that deserve the award as well.

  • David Carr should not be League and MVP

    Look, while quarterback Derek Carr had a fantastic year, he should not be the MVP. In fact, he would probably fall to about fourth or fifth in my list of quarterback rankings. New England's Tom Brady, Atlanta's Matt Ryan, and even Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers all had better years then car.

  • There are other candidates.

    Derek Carr certainly made his mark with the Raiders. Since his college days at Fresno State, Carr has always been an impact player. He works well with his team and the Raiders have certainly felt the positive effects of his place on the team. There are other candidates, though, and he's just not strong enough to win MVP.

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