Quasimodo, the dog with the short spine, has surgery : Will Quasi be able to turn his head?

  • Quasimodo will bounce back with proper support.

    I believe that Quasimodo will one day be able to have more mobility in his head and neck. The key to how well he recovers this movement is going to be whether or not he is given consistent physical therapy after his surgery. With the support of the proper veterinary staff and a lot of love and support, he can achieve greater mobility and hopefully someday turn his head.

  • Yes Quasi will be able to turn his head

    I believe that the surgeons who operated on the Quasimodo dog will have probably done a good job and the dog will be able to turn his head. The science today is so much advanced that a little step like is completely doable and we will see it more in the future.

  • Surgery will help Quasimodo turn his head

    Quasimodo, the dog with the short spine, cannot turn his head. However, his condition can be cured through surgery. A spine-lengthening operation will give him increased mobility, allowing him to turn his head. If this operation does not succeed, there are also other surgery options for Quasimodo, which may allow him to turn his head.

  • The surgery will not correct the neck motion

    The surgery performed on Quasimodo will not be able to help him turn his head. The motion of the head is based on the way the vertebrae align in the neck and the surgery will not be able to correct his back to allow for the additional movement needed to allow him to move his head and body as a dog without his condition can.

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