Queen's death will cost Britain millions: Will Britain be able to bounce back economically after the loss?

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  • The Queen is Economically Recoverable

    The British Monarchy is not very important to Britain as a whole. There will be another monarch, and that monarch will eventually draw the necessary revenue. On the whole, a few million dollars in Britain's booming tourism industry will result in that much change. That being said, Charles probably will not be as popular as Elizabeth II.

  • Yes, Britain is strong enough to overcome financial difficulties

    Whether Britain's economy will recover immediately or shortly after the Queen dies, or whether the bounce back will take longer, I believe that the country is strong enough to make it happen. Britain also has powerful allies, such as the United States, that can help them overcome any possible financial difficulty that may arise.

  • Yes, the UK will bounce back.

    Queen Elizabeth is a figurehead. She does a worthy job representing the British people at home and abroad, but does not actively participate in policy-making or government. Her successor, Prince Charles, will not be as popular, but Prince William is in line to inherit, so the monarchy will survive, along with all the benefits it brings.

  • Yes Britain will be able to bounce back

    The Queen of England has represented her country on an international scale all of her life. Her people love her and they have quite a reputation of loyalty to her. Whatever the cost, they will be as proud of her in death. However, knowing her grandchildren, most likely, the British People will not be footing the entire bill.

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