• Law enforcement has an agenda.

    Law enforcement is on a mission in the United States to make it clear that they can do what they want. Unfortunately many people get hurt in the process of law enforcement being bullies. This means that they were unfortunately profiling when they were tasering the race relations adviser. Police today do not help the public.

  • Yes it was.

    Yes, it is unfortunate that many African American and Hispanic men are victims of profiling. In this case, a well-respected race relations adviser was tasered. This is wrong on so many levels. It is rather ironic as well. Profiling needs to end. Police need to be trained in order to stop profiling.

  • Yes, using a Taser on an individual based on a vague resemblence to a suspect is profiling.

    Police used a Taser on a man based on very little information, only that he resembled a suspect. They did not know who he was, or that he was the suspect. They saw physical similarities between the man and the person they were looking for, and decided they had enough information to forcibly apprehend him. If that is not profiling, I don't know what is.

  • The race relations adviser who was tased was not profiled

    The race relations adviser who was tased was not profiled. This is yet one and a long list of cases where the criminal actually cries and whines for victim status. And then whines and cries racism over it. Using racism as a crutch and blame for any and all bad conduct by people has grown completely tiresome.

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