Racial profiling: Can racial profiling ever be justified?

  • Well i think racial profiling could be justified if we just stop giving everyone stereotypes and get along.

    It could be because if the people stop judging one another i know its not that simple and i know the people in this world are not whiling to try but there are some that are whiling to but some is not enough because majority of the people will still judge with no hesitation.

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  • Statistically reduces crime

    If we assume an absence of police brutality, then racial profiling makes complete sense given the often limited resources of police investigations. Consider as a paradigmatic example the recent Paris shootings. When police are hunting for the murderers, should they take the time to stop and question EVERYONE? This laborious approach may result in the culprits escaping. Surely it is far more efficient to predominantly question relatively young men of Middle-Eastern descent, since all of us harbour a belief that the suspects will fit this profile. Police can thus move more quickly to identify suspects, and potentially avoid further tragedy from occurring. Racial profiling can certainly be justified.

  • No, I do not think racial profiling should ever be justified.

    I do not think it is justified because you can not define a person with the same race as criminals or the same race as people who do not do good since not all people are like other people. You cannot compare a person to what someone else does it is not right whatsoever. You cannot in any event or place complete a security check on someone just because someone the same color skin committed a crime. Also, you cannot judge a person based on their skin color or religion because you believe they are different than you or because you assume they're just bad because people who look the same as that person did something bad. It's freedom, everyone deserves to have the same amount as freedom and equality as every other person in this country.

  • Look at US borders

    There is a higher chance for a Hispanic individual to attempt to enter into the US illegally in the south than any other race. This is why Customs and Border patrol agents tend to stop Hispanic people when going through check stations. In the north, I imagine that Caucasian individuals get pulled over and searched more due to the fact the Canada consists primarily of white people. It's not meant to be racist, it just uses the law of common sense.

  • Different demographics commit crimes at different rates

    I think it is justified to profile young men as more likely to be criminals than young women, or old men. I think someone who is in a suit is less likely to be a criminal than someone wearing a wife-beater and baggy pants. Cops cannot pay attention to absolutely every person they see, so they choose their battles. If someone argues that racial profiling is unacceptable, then they must say that ALL profiling is unacceptable.

  • It Makes Sense In Some Cases

    If statistics indicate that individuals of a certain race or ethnicity are more likely to commit certain types of crimes, it only makes sense to use that information to help stop the crimes in question.

    Besides that, there is no way to prevent it 100 percent of the time, so we may as well embrace it for the benefits it can offer.

  • No . .

    Because it is wrong . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  • Never justified ever

    No matter your race, religion, or nationality, America is land of the free. Racial profiling should never be allowed. It may not mean to be racist, but at its very core is racist, since the person is using race as a factor in someones case. This should never be justified. It is not what America is about.

  • Innocent until proven guilty

    Racial Profiling is comparative to saying that your skin color determines your actions which is completely absurd.

    Racial Profiling also takes away freedom. The innocent until proven guilty is an important standard in American society. Racial Profiling takes this away. It is asking our officers to assume that members of a certain race are guilty until proven innocent which is a sad reality.

  • No, it goes against freedom.

    No, racial profiling cannot ever be justified, because it goes against what America stands for. America stands for freedom and liberty. Racial profiling is the opposite of freedom. People should be judged based on their own individual behavior. People should not be judged based on the prejudices of people who enforce the law.

  • One's race does not make one a criminal.

    Someone's race doesn't define them. It does not make them a good or bad person. Their personality does. Their genetic make up does. Their environment does. A 30 year old white male is as capable as committing a crime as a 30 year old black, hispanic, european, or asian man is.

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