• I suggest you watch Bill Cosby on he Dick Cavett Show

    There's this notion that we can eliminate (or drastically reduce) tribalism. Well, It isn't possible. It's always been here, It's intrinsic to Human, It's hardwired to the motherboards. HATE, Is natural, A reflexive emotion. . . "love", Well. Pay your nickel and make your choices. What's love to you, May be HATE to me. But HATE, We all understand. Especially SJWs, Or any PC activists, Who HATE HATE. This "sit on a rock and talk" stuff, Is weenie. Most of us, Don't want your POV, Unless we can cram it back down your throat, Then punt you through the uprights for the extra point.

    . . . And race? It's just another outlet for this. "You look vastly different. You represent Other culture. ME HATE. ME KILL. " And I'm certain that mystifies. But if you've never participated in a famous short story by Shirley Jackson (Geegle it, Yourself), Then, Don't knock it 'til you've tried it.

    This world is about Power. We, Are Predatory. And our "we", Our group or tribe, Are the champions of the world.

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