Racist Politics: Why is our presidential candidate encouraging racist policies?

  • Yes, one of the presidential candidates is encouraging racist policies.

    Yes, I believe that one of the presidential candidates is encouraging racist policies by promoting "stop-and-frisk" and "law and order." The Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, believes that these policies will be best for the United States of America, but unfortunately "stop-and-frisk" was deemed unconstitutional because of racial profiling and a blanket statement for "law and order" fails to address the systemic racism our police and legal systems inflicts on people of color.

  • Yes, our presidential candidate is encouraging racist policies.

    Yes, our presidential candidate is encouraging racist policies because it is the only thing that has gotten Trump this far. Many people liked that he singled Obama out for his birth certificate, and that is the only reason he is where he is today. Trump's racism has fueled his supporters.

  • The Question IS the Answer

    Americans have always voted along strictly religious and racial lines which is to the advantage of those with money who find it all too easy to promote religious and racial intolerance. For example, the prison building boom of the 1990s benefited the wealthy at the expense of blacks who have 8 times the incarceration rates as whites despite being a tiny minority. Hence, your question supplies its own answer that Americans don't even know how their own politics work on the most fundamental level making them easy marks for the wealthy and opportunists like Donald Trump.

    In ten years of asking if people know the simple distinction between a lynch mob and a democracy I have yet to hear the correct answer from even academics and, according to the National Science Foundation, one in five Americans insists the sun revolves around the earth. They have been taught since birth that arguing and fighting decides what's true explaining why the only thing that matters in these elections is who spends more money on advertising. Its Three Stooges slapstick all the way obeying the principle of see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil ensuring that people just follow the food and money wherever it leads.

  • BLM confines killing cops

    North Carolinas rioters attacked white peopl who ever made this pole is full of it.

    Trump is not racist and I think it's time his country examines what they means.
    Pulling a white woman out of a truck during a riot for being white, let's start their person who started this arrogant title.

    People are sick of riots

  • He isn't. We are. Maybe its the lack of education in this country.

    Seriously people. Who is selling this, and how? Stop and Frisk is not racist. The wall is not racist. The move to keep Syrian refugees out of our country is not racist. None of this even has any inherent racial bias. People, just see misuse and abuse so often in the media that we forget that there is almost no inherently racist policy left in America. Racists, are racist.

    20 years ago, the move to keep syrian refugees out would be considered national security. No one would care what their race was. That part of the world is experiencing some pretty serious shit and while I don't agree with the policy its not racist.

    Keeping illegal immigrants out of our country is not racist.

    Stop and frisk is not racist. People just let it build that reputation because its been abused before in a racially biased way and that is pounded into your heads day after day.

    Now, I'm not going to be so bold as to say any of these policies are good for America and interact well with American culture, but they are NOT racist.

  • No, he is not

    No, Trump was wrongly understood. He is just trying to draw as much attention as possible and thus making ridiculous statements. I think that he personally doesn't think much, but is told what to say and do. It seems as though he is someone's marionette in this circus called presidential elections.

  • Because our country is racist

    Both presidential candidates encourage racist policies because the United States of America is extremely racist in its policies. The War on Drugs, Stop and Frisk, Civil Asset Forfeiture, Mandatory Minimums.....the list of racist policies implemented by the United States goes on and on. Neither candidate will actually change any of the major racist policies, therefore we can expect more of the same for the next four years.

  • Please delete this question.

    This is no opinion poll; this is a direct attack on a presidential candidate with the outright statement that "he actually isn't" is not an answer that can be provided.
    Also, to be honest, who cares about Lester Holt? Who legitimately cares? Is his biased opinion the truth now? When you're done talking out your asses trying to make your betters look bad, let's sit down and have an actual discussion on the matter.

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