Radiation does not escape a microwave door opened before the cooking stops: Will people be brave enough to open the door now?

  • People just want convenience.

    People do not care about the dangers that they put themselves in when they use a microwave. People just want to have their food quickly. People will not think about radiation. They only want to get their food out immediately so that they can eat. They are brave because they are lazy.

  • I don't think people really care.

    I don't think people are that paranoid. Unless you stick your face right in front of the door when you open it you probably won't be exposed to that much radiation to even have an effect on you. And I think most people might not even care but it might be a new way to commit slow suicide.

  • Yes, people will continue to open microwaves due to the convenience.

    Unfortunately, as long as a product's benefits outweigh any immediate consequence, human nature can easily ignore the risks. If something is going to be done, it will have to come from the producers of these devices. That probably will require government intervention, and I don't expect any moves in that direction under the Trump administration.

  • People shouldn't open the microwave door before cooking stops, even if someone says radiation does not escape.

    I'm not exactly sure if the fact that radiation does not escape before cooking stops is accurate. I would like to know more about who decided this was true. I'm not fully convinced that the radiation doesn't leak even with the door closed. Not to mention the fact that your food is virtually saturated in radiation after it is cooked.

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