• Rae Sremmurd on Tour Through February 2017

    Rae Sremmurd will have an even more productive year in 2017, due to the fact that they will still be touring Europe until March 17, 2017. Also, their new CD, entitled Sremm Life 2, has been released and is expected to do well on the charts in 2017. Tickets for the tour can be purchased on Viagogo.

  • Yes, 2017 will be even better for them.

    Rae Sremmurd are young so they have time on their side. Being brothers will also help because when they fall out with each other it is often easier to make up when you are brothers. After Black Beatles was such a hit we should definitely expect more of the same in 2017.

  • Popularity breeds productivity

    As Rae Sremmurd continues to gain popularity, it will necessitate more productivity in 2017. More tour dates, more public appearances and still a driving need to produce a new album. To maintain their place in the music scene, all those things will have to occur at the same time to continue to grow as artists.

  • It is doubtful that they will be productive as a group.

    Swae Lee has already announced plans to record a solo project and there is no reason to think that his brother will not do the same. They will probably branch out and work with other artists as well. They will in all likelihood have a productive year, just not as the group that they are now. This should give them more exposure to other influences as they develop their art.

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