Raise the driving age to 18: Should the driving age be raised to 18?

  • Yes it should be raised to 18

    It should be raised to 18 because 75% of the 16 year old drivers cause trouble on the road and also when young drivers get their licence they think that that they are a pro racer.For example I have a friend and he has a brother who just got his licence and he thinks that he is a pro drifter and he drifts on the roads. And that is real danger and he is a wreck less driver.

  • The driving age should be raised to 18.

    The driving age should be raised to 18. Most 16 year old teenagers are not prepared to be able to drive appropriately. They should be required to have more practice behind the wheel before we turn them loose by themselves. Many states have already raised their age to 18 before driving.

  • The driving age should be changed.

    The leading cause amongst teenagers in canada and usa is motor vehicul accidents, which beats out homicide and suicide by almost 1000 per year. Moving up the driving age would significantly decrease the number of deaths from teens throught which said country. Facts are provided by CAA. That is one of the many reasons why the driving age should be changed.

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  • The driving age should be raised to 18.

    Most teenagers are not mature enough. They text while driving. Which causes the most accidents. Also it is cheaper if you start driving at 18. You don't have to buy extra insurance. Also for every mile driven teens are 4 times more likely to get in a car accident than 20 years and older.

  • It should be raised

    The children of today's times are too immature. It doesn't matter if people have trouble getting around because their kids cannot drive. What matters is their level of maturity. If their child is 14 and drives, he is helping the family. But the second his immaturity kicks in and causes a car accident and dies or gets seriously wounded, causing thousands of dollars worth of debt, would it have been worth it?

  • Yes it will be safer

    The driving age should be raised to 18. This will cut down on the number of accidents that happen from immature and inexperienced drivers. I think we should give out permits at 16 and have it worked up to a full license at 18. This is 2 full years to master driving.

  • Yes, the driving age should be increased.

    The legal driving age should be increased to 18. Teenagers are the most dangerous drivers on the road, causing the most accidents. They are often not responsible enough to drive, and many accidents are caused by their friends distracting them in the car, or speeding. Underage drinking is also responsible. The older a new driver is, the more responsible and mature he or she will be, and the more responsible on the road.

  • Why raise it

    Teenagers are responsible they have been in training to become an adult from very young. Throwing them into the world and saying go to college, keep your job, and learn how to drive is just crazy. Imagine you being in college and having a job and then trying to learn how to drive all at the same time it's probably not the easiest thing. Some teenagers have parents who might not be able to drive so they need someone to drive them places, what if one day no one can drive your parent to work and you can't drive your parent because your 16, and then your parent looses your job. That's an extreme case but still. You should be able to drive at the age of 16 it's been that way for a long time so why change it.

  • Parents burden not teens

    Teens would have to rely on their parents t give them money, rides and to teach them at 18. 18 isn't the time to learn to drive because it doesn't come from maturity it comes from practice and experience. Plus college, a job and learning to drive at 18 sounds a little excessive.

  • It should not be raised to 18

    In my opinion I think teenagers have the experience from drivers ed buy sometimes they aren't paying attention and it is a natural habitat to be distracted. That is our 5 characters of life which is responding. Teenagers just have to learn that it is wrong to make a silly mistake and turn it into a big mistake. But because teenagers always hang out w/ friends. Friends cause distraction which is why the law made 1 passeneger in car only at age 16.

  • Drivers ed takes care of inexperienced drivers and so do the police.

    I think that we can all agree that when we go to take the driving test to get our license, that we want to know our stuff so we study. However once you are 18 or older all you have to do is pass the test instead of having the year of practice driving with your learners permit. While the "teenagers" have to do that year of learning how to drive, meaning that really the "teenagers" are more prepared than some of the drivers that are 18 or older that just got their license as I stated above. Adding to all of these things there ARE police who DO pull over the wreck less drivers on the road for well, wreck less driving. That being said I think we can all agree that the teenagers aren't the only ones being wreck less or texting and driving. There will also be the problem of keeping a job for those under 18, the legal age for moving out is 18, how could I for example move out if I can't keep a job to earn the money to move out. Along with that, there will also be the problem of parents! What if your parents aren't exactly in the best condition to drive but they have to go to a meeting, how will the get there if you can't drive them because your only 16 and can't legally drive them to their meeting. What happens if your mom or dad looses their job because this? I'm sure you'll then see my point.

  • IDK. I want to drive.

    I want to drive when i am 16. I do not want to wait when i am 18. I think 16 is a developing age that undergoes rules and regulations enforced by parents and society. Lets not wait to drive later... Lets learn and then drive, this will be great.

  • Driving shouldn't necessarily correspond with one's age.

    First of all, practice makes perfect, right? You can't expect new drivers to perform A grade; you don't expect a new employee to do everything right, do you? Secondly, It isn't about an age. Its about the IQ. I know plenty of adults who I think are too ignorant to drive. Third, I think it's fair to say teenagers aren't the only people that text and drive

  • The driving age should NOT be raised

    The driving age should not be raised. Like what others are saying..It comes with experience. If teens were unable to get their license until 18 then it would be the parents and the states fault for them not being as responsible as they would be if they have gotten it at an earlier age. Driving comes with experience, just as everything else.

  • I think it should remain the same.

    When do the most successful ballerinas or actors or musicians start their experience? At a young age, usually ranging from 4-16. Just like driving, these skills are achieved by practice and experience over years. Driving is a skill that needs years and years of practice to even become remotely perfect, and what we need would be to keep the driving age at 16 so people can learn from mistakes and gain experience sooner rather than later.

  • It should not be raised:

    The driving age should not be raised to 18 because driving is a skill that can only be learned from experience, and this is much easier to achieve at an earlier age. Also it is easier for parents that have to drive their kids around everywhere if their child gets their license.

  • No it should not.

    The driving age should not be raised to eighteen because some students only are able to get to school by driving themselves at 16 so raising it would suddenly make their life very difficult and they will struggle to find a way to school and might not even be able to show up everyday.

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