Raising the retirement age: Impact - Does setting a state retirement age even really matter?

  • Yes, it conserves state aid.

    Yes, setting a retirement age matters, because it determines the age at which people can access government benefit. Raising the age will keep people working longer, and it will conserve government resources. This will keep governments running in the black, which is important to have a healthy country with a strong economy.

  • It can help temporarily.

    Raising the state retirement age can help prolong the financial problems being faced by social security today, however, it is not a permanent fix. In order to improve the financial problems of social security drastic changes are going to need to be made. Regardless of what retirement age is set there will be people who continue to work past the retirement age and people who will quit long before they ever hit the suggested age. The only reason retirement age matters is so people can collect their retirement funds. Although legally the age can be raised, it is not moral to do so when so many people have already started prepared for that date in their future.

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