• Ideologically consistent libertarian

    He has a relatively consistent anti government ideology that spreads from economic freedom, to some social freedoms, to opposing domestic spying programs, and to a less costly military. He is very straight forward in his speech deliveries, and often inserts humor, adding to his likeability. Plus he is the current front runner in polling data for the GOP nomination, and after eight years of the same party in power it often switches.

  • Fanatics have no place as presidents any more

    Rand Paul - a complex guy no doubt, I appreciated his filibuster regarding the drone program. However his actions during this recent government shutdown were atrocious and he will forever be linked to that. His hot mic, telling McConnell that they were gonna 'win' - ah it just gets me so angry. Without offering an alternative to Obamacare, he appears to be trying to just derail and destroy the law in some kind of anger. Does he read how the CBO crunched the numbers and found that Obamacare would help reduce the deficit over a ten year period? That is is actually offering an alternative to the current health system that is more efficient, more affordable, and deficit friendly in the long run? This man is a liar.

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