Rand Paul: John Bolton "should get nowhere close" to the State Department. Is Rand Paul qualified to make this judgement?

  • He has been a long-term Senator.

    Rand Paul knows a great deal about the government. He has been a Senator for many years and a well-respected on. Paul is qualified to make this judgment because he has gotten to know John Bolton personally and know his policies. Paul is basing his opinion on knowledge of Bolton and his positions.

  • yes he us qualified

    US Senator Rand Paul is threatening to block US President-elect Donald Trump’s likely pick of John Bolton as the No. 2 in the State Department.Paul’s vows to vote against Bolton could create the most significant confirmation fight thus far. Bolton would need a bare majority of the Senate to get confirmed, but if he were to stall in committee or face more Republican resistance, his nomination might be in serious jeopardy next year.

  • Rand Paul is qualified to make this judgement

    Rand Paul is more than qualified to make this judgement regarding John Bolton. Rand Paul is the only true guardian of the people as far as government and its overreach is concerned. It is refreshing to have a true constitutionalist representing the actual interests of the people, as opposed to pure self interest of government.

  • Rand Paul has experience

    Rand Paul has been in government long enough to know if someone is qualified for a job, whether he agrees or not with that person't political positions. Paul isn't saying he should pick the nominee, just that he knows when Trump has chosen someone who isn't up for doing the job.

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