Rand Paul warns Texas it could turn blue. Is he right?

  • Nearly 46% Hispanic family's people moving into Texas from California Washington and other liberal states looking for work will change the fine state blue soon.

    Speaking to Republicans in Houston, Rand Paul predicted that Texas, with a large number of Hispanics, will be a Democratic state, Rand Paul, speaks on Capitol Hill in Washington. In a weekend speech. He warned Texas Republicans that the state which is nearly 46% Hispanic, could turn blue if the GOP doesn't become more inclusive. We need to have people with ties and without ties, with tattoos and without tattoos, with earrings, without earrings, he said. We need a more diverse party. Also a huge influx of more liberal people moving into the state of Texas from California Washington and other states that have people looking for jobs. This is creating a more diverse community in the fine state of Texas. Looking at the race for the governor's office the comment from Rand Paul looks like it could happen this year. Here are videos supporting Rand Paul's reason for the worry of his home state turning blue. AND

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