Random sobriety tests for drivers: Are random searches consistent with individual rights?

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  • Why should I be interrupted in my daily life for doing nothing wrong

    All this will do is waste taxpayers money and infringe even further on all of our rights that are already being attacked on a daily basis. Nevermind all the wasted time,money and resources just think of the lawsuits that the states will have to pay for as well. I know I would sue in a heartbeat.

  • No, random searches are not consistent with individual rights.

    Random sobriety tests for drivers and random searches are impeding on citizens individual rights. We have the right to not consent to a search without a search warrant. Setting up a random sobriety test is almost like searching a home without a search warrant. Therefore I do not believe Random sobriety tests for drivers are consistent to individuals rights.

  • How is this different from random drug searches?

    Why would it be ok for drivers to receive random sobriety tests if there is no reason to believe that the driver is drunk? It makes no sense, we set up DUI check points to catch drunk drivers, what more do they want? This is way too far. I can only see this being ok if this was designed for those who had a DUI in the previous 6 months

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