• Only the original ones

    The classic ones like sugar hill gang and Eminem not that stupid modern stuff are careful of the newer ones the swear too much, and they are mean wannabe singer that just want to do drugs and have sex even. So bring back the 90s not the modern crap :(.

  • In pure form, not modern rap

    I will be the first to agree that modern rap does nothing but promote ideas like greed, lust, objectification of women, and violence. I hate that rap has evolved into that from the days of Run-DMC ,Eric B. & Rakim, and Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five. Rap used to be full of meaning. It used to be about social awareness, now just greed and lust. Hip Hop is what that used to be. So rap is good as long as the message is pure.

  • It depends on the song.

    Rap in general is good. In addition to just simply sounding good, many rap songs have meaning. Plenty of rappers write songs about troubles in their own lives, or about major issues. If you want examples look up Mockingbird by Eminem, or Same Love by Macklemore. Then there are ones that don't mean as much, but are still just good

  • With some caveats.

    There are plenty of examples of hip-hop albums or tracks that I consider to be good music. It's a form of expression and as valid as any other type of music. My personal opinion, though, is that it creates an atmosphere or unease, tension, anger, bickering, and violence. Hip-hop never really puts you in a good mood or enlightens you intellectually. The hip-hop community is rife with anti-intellectual sentiments which contributes to black people generally not having a great time in this country.

    In short, it's a valid form of expression but it promotes a lot of destructive things. I kind of see hip-hop as a child lashing out, mostly unaware of their inner self. Even the stuff that gets a little deeper tends to be pretty shallow.

  • First impressions stick.

    Even if the messages have evolved to more highly intellectual levels, they are tied to a beat that will forever be related to its origins of hate, lust and other sadly overhyped issues which do nothing but create converts to destructive thoughts and behaviors, making the artists money but doing no edification of the masses in general. It's a money machine, nothing more.

  • Not for me.

    Most of the lyrics are about the same gross topics, and the rest of it makes no sense to me. I can kind of see the appeal for other people, because the beat can be okay, but it's not something I want to spend my time listening to, and will avoid it as much as I can.

  • Ehh, perhaps it's preference

    A lot of it is just, quite frankly, not appealing to me. A lot of it is jibberish, but then again that's me. What I don't like are the black rappers who complain about everything blaming other races for their problems. Like Public Enemy. It's annoying, given that Germans, Italians, Native Americans, and Hispanics have been through similar.

  • Negative raps are not good

    Negative raps are not to good for little kids. It is also not good for kids in ages 6-10.The reason why is ,because when they grow up they are going to start disobeying their elders. Even I am only 10 years old. And I am telling other children/kids not to listen to negative rap music. Do not try it ,it is not good.

  • Rap has to be the worst genre

    Aside from a few decent rappers, all the rest just suck and the reason is simple, their lyrics have no meaning and make me sick. Who wants to listen to black people saying n*gger this and n*gger that and talk about sex and drugs? It's honestly pathetic and disgusting, and it influences our youth everyday

  • Rap is often violent and explicit

    The music genre of rap has a tendency to glorify violence and drugs. It often has very explicit lyrics and some very gruesome suggestions. It occasionally seems as though rap artists are trying to see how graphically they can describe sex, violence, drug use, and life in the hood/on the streets. While not every rap song can be defined by violence and explicit lyrics is does seem to be a prevailing theme in the genre.

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