• Yes hell damnit

    I am really mad about the way the criminal get away with their short sentence. I mean, It can be a little harsh but, If you were raped by a stranger, A friend, Or even a member of your family, You would you feel? Ashame? Disappoint? Detest? Then will you tell everyone about it? Will you stand up in front of that one and tell the court about how he did it? If you are pregnant, Will you keep the baby - a blameless child? Will you ever find your true love who can accept the truth that you were raped?
    Not only to you, How will your parents feel? What will parents do when their 1 or 2-year-old baby was raped? What will your friends and colleagues treat you when they know about it?
    Too many questions can end up with bad answers.

  • Rape is horrible

    Rape is a horrible thing to do because of the burden it leaves on its victims. A victim of rape not only could be traumatized, But they could also have to deal with possible pregnancy. I am not advocating for people who lie about being raped, But am arguing against rape itself.

  • It's fine if done in vengeance.

    Rape is essentially assault with sexual connotations. I see it as morally acceptable to wound, Injure and hurt people if they assault you first. Thus, If someone assaults you and you turn the situation around and proceed to rape them, They deserve it.
    Now of course this is an extremely unlikely scenario, But because someone else has already initiated combat, They can't be the victim when the tides turn. I do not believe in disproportionate retribution.

  • Of course not

    People in prisons get raped all the time and nobody cares or does anything. Especially people who are killers, Christians, Child molestors, Wife beaters they all get raped and the police think they deserve it. Rape isn’t that bad if it’s an eye for an eye and if it’s a punishment

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