Rats demonstrate empathy and save other rats: Is it ethical to test on animals that demonstrate human emotions?

  • I think that it is cruel to test on any animal, including rats.

    I think that it is inhumane to use any living being for testing. Despite our massive ignorance, these rats have feelings, emotions, and family members. Using them for our own gain is irresponsible and cruel. Even though I am not a big fan of rats, I do not feel that they should be unjustly treated.

  • Caring rats save humans

    Rats are necessary to save humans. Empathy is very important, and very noble of creatures, but just as the rats are willing to save other rats, a person's first priority must be to saving other humans. Rats are also very proliferate with short life expectancies, and humans are capable of more universal good than rats. A rat can only expound its usefulness by aiding humans.

  • Continue Testing Rats

    While some may find it unethical to conduct scientific testing on animals who demonstrate emotion, if experimentation on rats has the potential to decrease human suffering and increase quality of life, scientists actually have an ethical responsibility to continue testing. It would be difficult to find an animal that does not exhibit some kind of emotion; however, that does not mean that scientists should no longer perform animal testing, as this would mean that they are neglecting the responsibility of ameliorating human suffering.

  • It helps us

    Rats are tested on because they save similar structures to humans. Testing on animals only helps us make this a better and safer world to live in for everyone. It is not like rats are being tortured and killed for fun. They go through no pain when they are killed.

  • If not rats which animal then?

    If we cant experiment on animals such as rats then what can we experiment on? Rats have similar behavioral characteristics to human beings and so through that you can test mood altering drugs being used by psychiatric patients on rats besides testing them on human beings. But if we consider its consciousness and its sentience then Should we then experiment on comatose patients since they don't display human emotions or brain activity? Such a premise is obviously absurd but questioning the ethics of animal testing due to their human-like emotions also sounds absurd since they would obviously do such experiments in humane manners and so it is ethical to test on animals that convey human-like emotions mainly because most experiments are done humanely.

  • We need to experiment on these animals.

    Rats have extremely similar genetic, biological and behavior characteristics to humans and this is why we test them. Of course in a perfect world, we wouldn't need to test them but there is no better alternative. Human lives have priority over rats so it needs to be this way until we find a better alternative.

  • No it is not ethical

    Why do we even have to test on anyone, oh yeah, and I wrote a debate thingy about Islam,
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